Sunday, 19 February 2017

Jelili Atiku | Let Me Clutch Thee

Artist: Jelili Atiku
Origins: Nigeria
Performance: Let Me Cluth Thee
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Date: Saturday 18th February 2017
Photos: Maye Albert

Here is the photo documentation of Jelili Atiku's performance, “Let Me Clutch Thee”, which was enacted with Tazme Pillay yesterday, Saturday February 18 2017 during the Institute for Creative Arts (ICA) Live Art Festival at Company’s Garden and Iziko South African National Gallery (S.A.N.G), Cape Town, South Africa.

The performance explored the persistence of oil spillage in the African continent, especially in the Niger Delta region, and its unprecedented impacts on ecosystem stability, biodiversity and food security. Organic and inorganic materials were employed to bring out the visual realities of the devastating effects of oil exploration and exploitation in the coastal region.

Photo by Maye Albert.

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