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Stewart Chromik talks about The London Mural Company

Murals Are The New Wallpaper

Murals are the new wallpaper
Greek Mythology created by The London Mural Company

With contemporary pieces of art, installation, and sculpture at the top of most home decor must-have lists this season, we agree with The London Mural Company when they say that murals are the new wallpaper! Specialising in providing clients with original and bespoke artwork, TLMC believes that professional artwork should be accessible for everyone.


Working alongside agencies, illustrators, fine artists, designers, traditional sign painters, sculptors and graffiti artists, their network is forever expanding. Founded by Stewart Chromik, the agency has gone from strength to strength. Evolving in style and expanding what the company has to offer. The team pride themselves for being versatile and confident when it comes to tackling individual briefs.

The Growing Demand

Here is what Stewart had to say.
“The idea was to create a company that could provide creative solutions for interior and exterior spaces, and doing it well. The company originally started out providing murals and has steadily grown from there.”
Stewart believes that, with the growing demand for original artwork, “it’s more important now than ever to be flexible and versatile when it comes providing a creative service.” He knows there are some really great companies and competition out there, and works hard to provide new and exciting ideas to work with a wide range of artists and agencies across the board.
We asked Stewart if he found it hard adapting to different projects and he said, “it’s a fine balance, on the one hand you don’t want to spread yourself too thinly by trying to cover as many disciplines as possible, and on the other hand you don’t want to become predictable and repetitive.” You can see below a few different styles of TLMC’s work!
Murals Are The New Wallpaper
Recent work – The Mesmerist Brighton
Stewart’s main aim is to work alongside like minded artists who excel in their field and who enjoy what they do. He likes to collaborate and work with people who are passionate about their craft and says “it’s invaluable to be challenged on an idea or a process.”
He’s spent the last five years working as a freelance artist, which means he predominantly specialises in illustration but with such a competitive marketing he knew had to broaden his skill set. “I’ve been fortunate enough to work alongside some amazing agencies and creatives enabling me to gain insight and experience across a varied range of practices”, he tells us.
“I’ve always enjoyed working on big creative pieces, from start to finish the whole process is a really satisfying experience. I enjoy the creative problem solving. From the initial discussions and planning, to getting your hands dirty and executing the work.”
Murals Are The New Wallpaper
Action shot taken from Stewarts Instagram account @thelondonmuralcompany
So setting up The London Mural Company seemed like the next logical step for Stewart. He found that in both corporate and residential, there’s such a demand for original work and there are so many talented creatives out there looking to provide it, it’s just a case of joining the two elements together.
If you’re reading this and thinking about what mural you could add to your home or business, then it’s time to talk about current trends and what is most popular this season.
Over the last few years, ‘street art’ has really developed and come into it’s own. ” There is an ever growing curiosity and acceptance towards it”, Stewart explains. “When executed well, it’s an art form that works in complete unity within its environment and surroundings, both complimenting one another perfectly.”
Murals Are The New Wallpaper
Radicals Bar Islington
 When speaking with TLMC we found out that it’s so much more than just scrappy stencils, stickers and tags. It’s large scale abstract murals, sculptures and installations bound with humour or social and political commentary. The crossover and diversity envelops so many practices and styles that it will constantly evolve organically.
With all this in mind, and hearing more about the concepts behind the design, it is clear that people are realising they don’t and shouldn’t have to settle for filling spaces with a generic print of a sunset or a skyline. There are so many alternatives and mediums that they can have something specifically designed that tells a story, reflects personality and uses the space to it’s full potential.
You can see from TLMC website and social media pages, it is popular with businesses too. It is a great platform to create something that can explain what the company does and how it does it, but it’s also good for the working environment. Employees and clients can get an immediate sense of company values.
Murals Are The New Wallpaper
Business Art – 2014
Within a culture where we’re exposed more than ever to endless information and imagery, our need for immediate visual satisfaction is growing. Apps like Pinterest and Instagram are on the rise, and the demand for new and original content is growing alongside with it.
Are you feeling inspired? Take a look at The London Mural Company’s Instagram account, we’ve just followed them too, and we’re already thinking about what we could do with the entrance of Ideal HQ!
Contact: Stewart Chromik 

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