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The African Painter ~ Samuel Dallé

Samuel Dallé ~ Artist from Cameroon
Return of the King, 2014

SAMUEL DALLE : the duality between a rural and modern Africa



Born in Douala. Trained at the Arts Institute of Mbalmayo (IFA) in Cameroon and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kinshasa (Academie des Beaux-Arts de Kinshasa, DRC).

Samuel Dallé is among those artists who believe that art is an expression of the daily life. With his bold brushstrokes, he immortalizes the magical atmosphere of African cities: on a canvas he brings out what has been buried in his subconscious, offering the viewers insight fragments of his everyday life. His paintings are strongly tinted with a palpable modernity, as Dallé’s work has a voice of its own by clearly illustrating the duality between a rural and modern Africa. The artist utilizes a soft palette, smooth colors intertwined with pieces of cloth, paper, newspaper, as a way to integrate utilitarian tools into an enchanted harmony, balanced by dark contours that create a dramatic and powerful effect.

Structure 6
He believes that we are living in an era of electronics and information technology where Humans are obliterated and transformed as black silhouette in favor of the color of time. His paintings are questioning the future of humans as being anguished, transformed in a society where machines, computers and electric cords are ruling…
About 2: 
A: How would you describe your style ? Here I see abstract, figurative, urban landscape, nude even. So what is your thing what is your world like? 
SD: I often think that an artwork is always unfinished. I like to think as an explorer, it allows me to be free and less constrained by this or that. I’m not interested in creating or forcing a story. When I start painting I like to enjoy what I do, there is no further thinking to it. It’s about having fun. Some series are very different from one another. I prefer to create this way otherwise I would get bored.
If you pay attention, you’ll see similarities here and there. There are things I’d leave aside for a while and then go back to it. My work now is diferent from what it was 4 years ago, it’s hard to box it into a specific style.

Structure 5
 A: However, we can still recognize your singature your touch.
SD: In deed, it’s recognizable, but some people have a hard time to keep up with what I do, because I produce a lot of work. I’m very prolific and for some it might be misleading. I’m working on a structure of series, there are overlaying. You cannot control inspiration. When I feel inspired, I just want to get it out on the canvas. Then, in regards to certain coherence, I’ll know what will be the best combination with some other work I did. You know I am an artist; I just put it out there almost unconsciously. We are a crazy breed, you know (laughs).
(from interview on ArtCrate, November 2014)

The King of Shadow

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