Friday, 14 November 2014


A piece I wrote today whilst thinking about the business Cheeseboards. The CEO, Chairwomen of tomorrow. Sniffing the sweet smell of office equipment and thinking, more ink needed for the printer.

Who Will Write Tomorrow?

You read me wrong. You have always read me wrong. To be honest, you have wanted to read my words upside down, thinking so little of me; respecting all the magical parts of me, never. Intrusting in me in no way at all; our friendship is paper thin. You hurt me today and I know you will keep on hurting me all of my natural life. These cuts need more than plasters, even more than butterfly-stitches; they are gashes in my flesh, my weak apathetic Anglican skin. No thread can bide these scars; these wounds, that you are so keen to inflict upon me.  Misunderstand me again and enlightening me of all my faults; preach to me of my silliness; my stupidness; my “Cuntishness”, as you politely call it. Those all-so-horrid-things I seem to be in your demonic head. Those words and actions that so offends your delicate set of decencies. You watched beach-boys in Gaza, their flesh that flew into pieces and yet you were not offended. You saw men buried, up to their necks in mud and trained horses stampeding all over their precious faces, but still you were not moved to act. You watched in quiet silence as a fellow creature was slowly sliced to death with the tiny blade of a Swiss Army knife yet still you refused to shed a tear. Nothing ever moves you. But if I were to say to you, "You are a criminal", you would sentence me to death. What will it take to make you see sense? To make you read a word I write. To comment on my anger felt.  To be forever on my side and gently kiss me on my cheek whilst stroking my hair and whispering sweet-nothings, “Tomorrow will be a better day. Hush now....All is quiet, all is bright. Hush now....You are not alone. You are with me and I am by your side, so feel my breath on your cold ear as I blow my love to you. Healing you with all my warmth, hush now, my sweetie-pie, my friend and African comrade; I am forever with you. Feel me closely as I send my warmth deep inside of you. I will read you right and together we can write tomorrow.”

Author | Joe Pollitt 2014

This is my first attempt at SoundCloud

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