Saturday, 29 November 2014


I want to talk about the purpose of War. To talk about the World's Greatest Hero Sir David Stirling from Scotland. His introduction of the SAS and the lack of purpose of War. He was a complete genius but opens up a lot of answerable questions of the Institution of War. It has become such a huge business, like no other.

I haven't quite finished my thinking here. Like the majority of the world, I despise the Mayfair Set, the privileged of Lording over others with their birthright and that whole load of nonsense that is the make-up of the Powerhouses of Great Britain (I say that tongue-in-cheek) but David Stirling seems like something else. He represents a sense integrity and decency I grew up with and believed in and even before I even passed out with boredom from the various schools I attended, I realised men like him were few and far between. The Thatcherite Years killed or disinfected all those with any sense of goodness. Money became the key to all things and paramount to our foolish thinking but here we see something really exciting but few may recognise the change. The point David was making back in the 1950's and 60's is that Great Britain no longer needed a large army but more elite forces to train other countries to fight. Instead of sending in the British Army why not send in 10-20 experts and teach the countries how to fight. Initially training 200 men and women and then allowing the nations to build up for themselves and develop their own infrastructure on their own terms. This the same idea of teaching a man how to fish in order to feed his family forever.  Although David thought himself a Patriarch he was in fact a pioneer of a different kind of armed forces. If all are taught the same principles and ways to play the game everybody is on an even keel and therefore war becomes futile. Even within this footage we begin to see the world at play. Britain giving full military support of Saudi Arabia alongside the Americans and then later the Americans pulling out of Saudi and focusing their bases in Iran. Hedging their bets on the new force within the Middle East. But as Iran starts to attack we now know that it can not mobilize it's army without the thumbs up from the US Camps so things become ever more blurred. The darkness has swept the land and as we all know, something is not right. People throughout this region are being abused by their enemies within; whether those be behind the walls of Israel or the diminishing lands of Palestine, the neighbours, Egypt, Jordon, Iraq and Iran are being sucked into a series of conflicts that have no end.

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