Friday, 14 November 2014


I was really touched by this video posted by Olayami Dabls from Detroit, Michigan so much so I decided to write:

Give me your blood. Let me wipe it all over my face. Smear it from my forehead to my chin and let the deep red liquid drip-down; splish-splashing onto my naked feet in my open sandals. I feel that warmth that was once inside of you and all too quickly so it clots and becomes as sticky as honey between my toes. We are connected. Like it or not we are ONE. We all need the same water to drink, air to breathe, kisses to sleep, hands to hold and shoulders to hug. So yes, I hear you my sister, my brother, my mentor. I hear you so deeply it hurts. To know greed will win over our commonsense as we watch our communities slit their throats for some release and watch every tree to see if any of the branches can hold a hanging weight. Ground Zero is far from New York City. Have no illusion. Where the money is made the damage is done. Ground Zero is on every single reservation in the land that is so hypocritically named, the United States of America. 

Author Joe Pollitt, 2014

Post by MTV.


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