Saturday, 29 November 2014


I want to talk about the purpose of War. To talk about the World's Greatest Hero Sir David Stirling from Scotland. His introduction of the SAS and the lack of purpose of War. He was a complete genius but opens up a lot of answerable questions of the Institution of War. It has become such a huge business, like no other.

I haven't quite finished my thinking here. Like the majority of the world, I despise the Mayfair Set, the privileged of Lording over others with their birthright and that whole load of nonsense that is the make-up of the Powerhouses of Great Britain (I say that tongue-in-cheek) but David Stirling seems like something else. He represents a sense integrity and decency I grew up with and believed in and even before I even passed out with boredom from the various schools I attended, I realised men like him were few and far between. The Thatcherite Years killed or disinfected all those with any sense of goodness. Money became the key to all things and paramount to our foolish thinking but here we see something really exciting but few may recognise the change. The point David was making back in the 1950's and 60's is that Great Britain no longer needed a large army but more elite forces to train other countries to fight. Instead of sending in the British Army why not send in 10-20 experts and teach the countries how to fight. Initially training 200 men and women and then allowing the nations to build up for themselves and develop their own infrastructure on their own terms. This the same idea of teaching a man how to fish in order to feed his family forever.  Although David thought himself a Patriarch he was in fact a pioneer of a different kind of armed forces. If all are taught the same principles and ways to play the game everybody is on an even keel and therefore war becomes futile. Even within this footage we begin to see the world at play. Britain giving full military support of Saudi Arabia alongside the Americans and then later the Americans pulling out of Saudi and focusing their bases in Iran. Hedging their bets on the new force within the Middle East. But as Iran starts to attack we now know that it can not mobilize it's army without the thumbs up from the US Camps so things become ever more blurred. The darkness has swept the land and as we all know, something is not right. People throughout this region are being abused by their enemies within; whether those be behind the walls of Israel or the diminishing lands of Palestine, the neighbours, Egypt, Jordon, Iraq and Iran are being sucked into a series of conflicts that have no end.

Thursday, 20 November 2014


Ebola, 2014 by Joe Pollitt

This is a West African Crisis. I don't care about being a number one for Christmas but I want all to know just how I feel right now. I adore the people's of West Africa and they deserve much better than the shit they have been offered by the chancers and wannabes.....Allow me the chance to sing my little song and have my X-Factor say for humanity.

It does seem rather strange that West Africans are not allowed access to their own medicine. Simply being reliant on Western Aid. There is news that Colloidal Silver and Snake Venom are effective cures for Ebola. This is a human disaster it seems utterly vulgar that big pharmaceutical companies stand to profit and are immensely keen to see how effective their modern treatments work on those effected. You don't think this humanly possible, that a country or a series of countries would use West Africans as a testing ground for Chemical Warfare. You couldn't image that the world would be that cruel but I have so little faith in World Leaders. I think about what Henry Kissenger did in Cambodia with his own private army and dropped all those bombs on innocent villagers on the borders of Vietnam. How they used mustard gas and napalm and cared so little about those they mass murdered. They are all ruthless and want to prove to each other just as powerful they are by crushing the most vulnerable on earth. I think back to a time when countries became nuclear and started testing in the oceans. They never once considered the damage they caused to the marine life. The destruction of a nuclear blast. This is not just once it was for China, India, USA, UK etc etc...Each country wanting to flex their military power.

It seems unthinkable that Western and Asian countries could be using Africans in a similar fashion but it does seem that way. Are we to see outbreaks of plagues in Zambia, Malawi, Kenya and Uganda when the Super Powers want to test out their Chemical Agents and prove to the world that they are equally as heartless. I think back to the 1990's and the way in which the World Press addressed the bombs that went off in Nairobi and Dar and only mentioned the Europeans or American casualties and simply avoided writing about the terrible deaths and injuries inflicted on the East Africans, as if their lives meant so little. I fear for the future and really want us all to be acutely suspicious of what is happening around the Continent of Africa. The Super Powers are utterly ruthless and care so little about the Continent outside their resources. This is of real concern to anybody who is still thinking. We are being brainwashed with reality television, the Premiership, soap operas that seem to preoccupy our screens and lull us into a false sense of security. We are hypnotised into thinking that the ruling classes are decent and worthy of their positions of enormous powers but we should wake up to their devious ways. Man is the most destructive animal on the planet. We must keep a check on the Super Powers as they run riot around the globe, thinking so little of the most vulnerable. Life is precious and nobody's life is more valuable than those that live on African soil.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Thanks Giving to all those Forgetful Americans.

I saw a MTV video on how well the Native Americans are doing in their lands and it made me sad. If you are American be very ashamed. These suicides must stop, this alienation must be addressed and the Money can not always be the main factor in our decision-making process. People are far more important than any resources. Money must come secondary always. Greed is too fast to kill and is the ultimate enemy of the world. Human life is paramount. The most value resource that lies on our planet is the human life. It is precious everywhere. Happy Thanks Giving to all X.

Here is the MTV Video

The highly anticipated untold story about America begins.

I don't want people to think one way is the only way. We are all important in our world. The way we think differently makes us stronger but one rule fits all is nonsense. However you are, however you think, be forever yourself. You are vital to the development of our wider World.

The Greatest Speech Ever by Russell Means:

In response to both, I read my thoughs out like this...

Spirit of the Earth

Sometimes there are no words. No clever little phrases. When all hope has gone and all those we thought were good turn out to be rotten to the core. So here are my thoughts and feelings of now. When words are not enough. When there is nothing more to say. All we have left is our Spirit.....This is the spirit that we have inside us all. We are all the same we are ONE.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Wave Goodbye

Address | to the Kingdom

Your Majesty, Your Lordships and Ladyships and Your Lucky-bugger-ships.  My Right Honourable and Less Honourable, My Commmon Woman and My Common Man

I have a Dream.........And now I am awake.

Give us back our hearts. We’re finding life too hard without them. What about our dignity, our self-respect and our precious care for our fellow-men-and-women.

What does pity mean to you....anything other than a weakness?

You have crushed all that we have upheld to be decent. You are by-far the most dishonourable, dishonest and disgusting people on this earth. You hold positions of power yet you are not worthy of our spit, on your highly polished black shoes. You have forsaken all of us.

We know now what it takes to run the world and the price is far too high. You have sold our humanity merely to ensure the safety of your assets.

Now we ask you to leave. Not through the front door but quietly out the back. Don't even think to pinch a single thing in making your disgraceful exits. You have no shame. You have no love. You have nothing for us now. You are as empty as the Bank of England. You have brought such ugliness to our shores, the like of which has yet been recorded. Through your lack of compassion and lives lived without conscience you have sentenced us all to lives of misery and shame. The weight of what you have done here and now in your lifetimes will be felt for generations and generations to come.

From your greed and lust for power you must vanish, disappear never to return. Your time is now ticking down and soon it will be over.  Nobody here on planet earth will house you even if you asked. You are to be the unwanted, the discarded; the filth that sort to take down our Kingdom. You will become one of those that live without shelter and you will learn what it is like to place your lips around a diseased cup. To be so thirsty that you would rather put your parched tongue on poisonous waters than die of dehydration

You deserve no more respect, no more privilege, no more favours from the public. You have broken every rule and everything that we hold dear, you are no longer in charge of anyone or anything. We wave you good bye with our Union Jack.


This should be the Christmas World No.1 - So sensitively done. I have never heard anything like it. It is telling all those in West Africa to trust the Doctors. Make sure to wash your hands. Don't shake hands with others. Don't touch the bodies. Listen to the Health Authorities.....This could wipe out half the Continent. This is serious indeed. Such authentic sadness for their dearly departed so let us send more medical supplies and staff. This highlights the differences in Western Culture to West African Culture, the musicians are guides to the population. Those whose music lies so deeply in the hearts of the people, so they have used their positions of influence with such wisdom and intelligence. Much RESPECT to all those that took part in this call out for the peoples of West Africa. 


Sadly people in the Western world are still ignorant of many aspects of Africa and are motivated by style over content. They are still unwilling to find the root cause of their ignorance. We are in a period of transition and trying to unchain those in the West out of their mental slavery. The music of Africa is for the benefit of the people not the individual therefore this is alien to a Western Culture. Regardless, this is a positive leap forward and fabulous to see that the musicians are doing their upmost for those countries effected.


Here is a powerful message from HOTT FM from Liberia


Here is a good perspective with Damon Albarn and Afel Bocoum in an interview on Channel 4




Just imagine for one second just how frightening it would be to be told you tested positive for EBOLA. It is heart sinkingly shocking. Let our hearts be with all those effected and to the people who have to face these terrorifying months ahead. If you wish to send money go to MSF UK |


 How do I protect myself against Ebola?

  • Wash your hands frequently or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Avoid contact with the blood and body fluids of any person, particularly someone who is sick.
  • Do not handle items that may have come in contact with an infected person’s blood or body fluids.
  • Do not touch the body of someone who has died from Ebola.
  • Do not touch bats and nonhuman primates (apes and monkeys) or their blood and fluids and do not touch or eat raw meat prepared from these animals.
  • Avoid facilities in West Africa where Ebola patients are being treated. The U.S. Embassy or consulate is often able to provide advice on medical facilities.
  • Seek medical care immediately if you develop fever, fatigue, headache, muscle pain, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, or unexplained bruising or bleeding.
    • Limit your contact with other people until and when you go to the doctor. Do not travel anywhere else besides a healthcare facility.
For general information about Ebola, please use the links below:
CDC has issued a Warning, Level 3 travel notice for U.S. citizens to avoid nonessential travel to Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. An Alert, Level 2 travel notice has also been issued for travelers to Mali, where a cluster of cases has been reported. CDC advises travelers to Mali to practice enhanced precautions and protect themselves by avoiding contact with the blood and body fluids of people who are sick because of the possibility they may be sick with Ebola. An Alert, Level 2 travel notice is also in effect for the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), where a small number of Ebola cases have been reported that are not related to the ongoing Ebola outbreak in West Africa. For travel notices and other information for travelers, visit the Travelers’ Health Ebola web page.

Monday, 17 November 2014

White Slums in South Africa

This is slightly more sobering than the last post. Ouch.  The World is such a contradiction and sometimes a miserable place but the human spirit will endure. South Africa is a very complex enigma and needs time to heal, to find the common ground for compassion. The question should be if 50% of South Africa is still in white hands who are they? I would say that the situation is made worse by the London Stock Exchange and Wall Street. Development is too slow to come into the transition of change in this country as the Power is unable to relinquish their assets so easily. What is sad to see is that the impoverish African is made to suffer still, black, white or coloured.

British-Ghanaian TV presenter Reggie Yates recently visited South Africa to find out how post-apartheid South Africa has affected some of the country’s white and black citizens.

In the video documentary, Yates meets with members of South Africa’s upwardly mobile black middle class and also talks to some of the country’s white citizens who have been disadvantaged by the demise of apartheid. Some of the white citizens decry the lack opportunity as “reverse racism” and some even go to the extent of claiming that things were better for black people too during apartheid.
The video does not accurately represent the general state of things in the country and acknowledges that the country is still unequal (more than half of the country’s land is owned by the white minority for example) but it’s interesting enough to hear a non-South African’s viewpoints on the subject.

The Filthy Savages of the Tribes of Austria

Studies have been done by a team of academic Congolese on the role of the Tribal peoples of the Alps. The natives in this region of the world are very restless. It would be positively rude to think their motivation for everything in their lives was purely on the grounds of material gain and we will leave that issue up for future scientists to explore. They hold weapons but fight at nobody. The team of Ethnologists found the various tribes to be extremly primitive and beyond belief.

Sunday, 16 November 2014


Ok. I am going to come back to this again and again because this is quintessential about how we push our passions forward, collectively in Art. Let us avoid the World of Cunts and instead focus on the beauty of our planet, head on. Bruce Lee is a guide. He is a fabulous mentor and the greatest teacher the world has ever known about how our body works physically. This is so important as a philosophy as a way we now need to think in our enlightened world...

Listen to this Modern Day Hero. The Gospel cannot be changed as it is set in stone. It is bound in books and even the letters are not allowed a day-out. The WORD is unheard.


Self expression doesn't come naturally to mostso as Bruce Lee would say, "be more like water".

To express one-self is never easy but let us try it out.
Flow more like water and whatever medium you may choose,
be it oil paints, pencils or pastels, watercolours or words
be flexible and free to shout as you feel fit.
Smile when being insulted, even when it makes
you shake so be strong, bold, grin and bare it.
When you become more like water all obstacles
are moveable, all barriers will be broken.
So my friends be fluid.
Be more like water.

Find those ocean waves that sleep deep~inside~us~all.
Speak up and openly, and proudly claim your powers.
The Powers that be are so visible, seen by all of us,
so find your natural rhythm. That beat that roars within.
And wheneth the shit~doth~hit~the~fan be
the best shit~fan~hitter~no~good~wannabe.
Be formless, be shapeless, flow inside the current.
All of us are out~of~the~loop until we find our wave.
So my friends be fluid.
Be more like water.

Listen to yourselves, you all~too~uptight~fannies.
You listeners without ears. Yoohoo only seem to
understand what is coasely sociably acceptable.
Hardly thinking faintly hearing; never ever learning.
You feeble~naughty~cunts; you greedy ne'erdowells;
you brave, courageous underdogs.
Listen to yourselves and relish in
the hearing of, how your water flows.
So my friends be fluid.
Be forever more like water.

Joe Pollitt 2014

Look at the beauty on earth. Be more like water my friends.

This clip is included because it inspires what the body can do...I will get back to this....

Look how beautiful we are when we move like water...

This is beautiful by Fela Futi...



My Darling Joanne,

hali ya hewa hapa ni kuwa baridi kama sisi kukimbia hadi msimu wa sherehe, taabu katika theluji. Mimi kwa kweli chuki wakati huu wa mwaka, kwa upande upande kwa wale barafu tajiri viongozi baridi. Wakati huu wa mwaka joto iliyopewa kichwa watu, ambao wote ni busy flashing pochi zao kubeba. CAN YOU IMAGINE!  Hakuna mtu anajua jirani yao na kila mtu ni ganda katika mitaa salama. Jambo wajinga ni, wanaonekana hivyo hofu ya kufanya makosa. Wao kuchukua wenyewe hivyo kwa umakini. Ni karibu haiwezekani kuwa na yoyote ya kujifurahisha. Wao ni mbio kikatili na kamwe kuwa kitu chochote zaidi ya tamaa, chuki, mbaya, binadamu. Je, unaweza kufikiria!

Kutupatia nyuma hadhi yetu, yetu heshima na nguvu. Hakuna hata mmoja wetu hapa katika mashariki ni wahamiaji, sisi ni mali hapa, jinsi duniani unaweza kusema sawa. Wewe ni mgeni kwa nia mbaya, tunaona kwa nini wewe ni. Sisi kujua nini ubinadamu ni lakini wewe waliopotea hatia yako siku wewe kujifunza kuandika. Lazima kufikiri kwetu wajinga wote; wale walio na akili kidogo na hata kidogo maana kuliko magharibi kemikali virusi. Sote hapa, unaweza kuona nini ni devilishly kucheza katika, kwa sasa ni wazi.

Wewe waongo machafu, wewe binaadamu mdogo, wewe kuja juu ya visiwa yetu na gesi kipenzi familia zetu mbele ya wapenzi watoto wetu wakaondoka. Hili ni jambo gumu kumeza. Sisi itakuwa furaha kurudi tabia yako mchafu katika aina. Sisi sumu yako cories pathetic na overweight na kufanya wajukuu wako wote kuangalia mbwa kuharibiwa kama wao kufa. Next sisi itakuwa mzigo lethal bolt wa akili na kuwa ni fired kutoka high-msukumo bunduki ndani ya nyuma ya vichwa vya thoroughbreds yako yote katika hakikisha yao ya kifalme. Tunahitaji kufundisha somo lakini moja utasikia kamwe kusahau. Sisi hivyo mno wanataka kuonyesha nini aibu, wenye huruma rundo nyote ni katika magharibi. maisha bila huruma ni tupu na unatoka wapi, mioyo yenu ni kukosa. Wewe kuonekana binadamu lakini wewe ni bila roho, bila adabu.

Sisi kuonyesha maana ya nguvu na sisi kuuliza si kwa ajili ya fidia yako, ni wote pia marehemu kwa ajili hiyo. Tunataka kuona nguvu yako kupokonya, nchi yako kuharibiwa, maji yako kamili ya ugonjwa huo. Wakati umefika kwa mabadiliko ya kweli na mabadiliko katika kudhibiti sasa katika mikono yetu na sisi nia ya kuponda adui zetu zote na sisi alitaka kuanza kampeni zetu na wewe na rafiki yako. 

Jojo unaweza sexy mnyama. Kutuma upendo wangu kwa ng'ombe wako wa kifalme. I am kufikiri ya dada yako na ndugu na kila siku mimi kuamka. Wewe ni mwamba wangu na kwa kuwa mimi ni milele kushukuru. Upendo wangu wote kama siku zote. Wewe ni malaika wangu na mimi kupiga bus


Joe X

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Stealing a Nation

This is make you cry. Make you so sad, so disappointed in the powers that be. So angry, so upset with the world that we live in. The ruthlessness is shocking. The people are scum and they run the land called England. They are rotten to the core. They treat the world like dogs. One day the dogs will bite back and chew them up for their sins. Nobody is innocent and all are to blame. As if a human being can possibly live without a conscience - Let us point to these rotten people. POINT THEM ALL OUT....One day all the dogs with charge!

A Mother breast-feeds her child with the milk of human saddness only for a child to grow up to be strong enough to commit suicide. The family pets are all killed as a warning as they are all packed off like cattle. Made to sleep in the cargo ship on bird shit. This is outrageous and this is what Democracy looks like under the microscope. Let us make is clear as day what we are looking at and let us call it as we see it, as Totalitarian US/UK regimes. Known as Dictatorship in any other territory. What criminals they all are.


Friday, 14 November 2014

My Best Friend Luke


Dear Luke,

I have the FEAR, Luke. We spoke of this before but today it has heightened up to fever-pitch. It is worse than before, nobody is watching me. Nobody is touching me at all. Nobody is talking to me in my head, in my dreams or even in my bedroom. Nobody is near me or even tries to see me anymore.  I have started to write again as you suggested. Only short pieces but ones I think hold meaning to me. I am writing a blog and want nobody to read it, my precious thoughts all scrambled down on an e-book. Luke, promise me you will never try to find it. Never Google my name and read me wrong; please I beg you Luke, never see what I have written. You will judge me as others do. You will see me as a failure, as a loser, as the reject I have always been. Promise me now, Luke. Promise me you will never read a letter that I type.  

Luke, I am learning all about the Internet and trying to use mass media but sadly, I seem to be so fucking misunderstood, so misread and under-heard by the others. Those glorious employed goodie-goodies we sometimes talk about. I feel silenced, alone and so terribly frightened. Luke if you read this by accident let it never been known just how empty I felt as I typed. I have nobody to share my thoughts with. To cuddle on a sofa with. I don't even have a sofa to sit on. One chair is all I need in my humble abode. I have nobody to scream at me and tell me what to do. To run around me with a broom or wet smelly cloth or a vaccum cleaner pushing their weight around, obsuring the television screen as always. Nobody to ask me, “so Honey Bunny how was your day?”  The loneliness we learnt about is real. It is not just in the books we read or in those songs we used to listen to: Lonely like a Fox...Lonely and Looking for Love. Are you Going Down Lonely Street and the The Lonely Road is Long. The Classics from our 70's childhood. Luke, loneliness has a face, it has arms and legs. It has teeth and a smile. I’ve seen loneliness Luke. He lives in my basement. I see him in the corner of my eye Luke. I see him first thing every morning, when I wake and have fresh coffee to wake me up and I spit at him, Luke. Every day I spit in his ugly face and then wipe away the mess. I spit at him maybe 3 or 4 times a-day, Luke. I know it’s wrong but I just can’t help myself, Luke. He just irritates me as he goes on and on and on about Africa. Rambling on about the artists from Egypt, then artists from Ghana, then artists from Kenya, Uganda and even thinks he knows a thing or two about South Africa. He sits there laughing his fat tits off. I hate him so and I never want to see him again. As he pushes his head back and begins his insane laughter about Abstract Africa and how he loves to write. Luke, I must let you in on a little secret....I have never seen him pick up a pencil. Or make notes about his pitiful life. His mad ideas about the forgotten Continent and his constant babble about the Dark Ages of Africa. Shouting; "WE MOCK YOU IN THIS VERY ROOOM. WE BOTH DO!" He is so lazy and just sits in the corner giggling. I see his face full of spit and start to giggle back.

Until next time my wonderful friend. I do realise you are very busy. I've called and called and called again. You have obviously gone travelling without your mobile phone. Why else would you not pick up when I called and left so many messages. Please come and see sometime. I’m very lonely and miserable so please bring me one of your famous smiles sooner rather than later.

Much love and loneliness from your best friend,

Joe Pollitt


A piece I wrote today whilst thinking about the business Cheeseboards. The CEO, Chairwomen of tomorrow. Sniffing the sweet smell of office equipment and thinking, more ink needed for the printer.

Who Will Write Tomorrow?

You read me wrong. You have always read me wrong. To be honest, you have wanted to read my words upside down, thinking so little of me; respecting all the magical parts of me, never. Intrusting in me in no way at all; our friendship is paper thin. You hurt me today and I know you will keep on hurting me all of my natural life. These cuts need more than plasters, even more than butterfly-stitches; they are gashes in my flesh, my weak apathetic Anglican skin. No thread can bide these scars; these wounds, that you are so keen to inflict upon me.  Misunderstand me again and enlightening me of all my faults; preach to me of my silliness; my stupidness; my “Cuntishness”, as you politely call it. Those all-so-horrid-things I seem to be in your demonic head. Those words and actions that so offends your delicate set of decencies. You watched beach-boys in Gaza, their flesh that flew into pieces and yet you were not offended. You saw men buried, up to their necks in mud and trained horses stampeding all over their precious faces, but still you were not moved to act. You watched in quiet silence as a fellow creature was slowly sliced to death with the tiny blade of a Swiss Army knife yet still you refused to shed a tear. Nothing ever moves you. But if I were to say to you, "You are a criminal", you would sentence me to death. What will it take to make you see sense? To make you read a word I write. To comment on my anger felt.  To be forever on my side and gently kiss me on my cheek whilst stroking my hair and whispering sweet-nothings, “Tomorrow will be a better day. Hush now....All is quiet, all is bright. Hush now....You are not alone. You are with me and I am by your side, so feel my breath on your cold ear as I blow my love to you. Healing you with all my warmth, hush now, my sweetie-pie, my friend and African comrade; I am forever with you. Feel me closely as I send my warmth deep inside of you. I will read you right and together we can write tomorrow.”

Author | Joe Pollitt 2014

This is my first attempt at SoundCloud


I was really touched by this video posted by Olayami Dabls from Detroit, Michigan so much so I decided to write:

Give me your blood. Let me wipe it all over my face. Smear it from my forehead to my chin and let the deep red liquid drip-down; splish-splashing onto my naked feet in my open sandals. I feel that warmth that was once inside of you and all too quickly so it clots and becomes as sticky as honey between my toes. We are connected. Like it or not we are ONE. We all need the same water to drink, air to breathe, kisses to sleep, hands to hold and shoulders to hug. So yes, I hear you my sister, my brother, my mentor. I hear you so deeply it hurts. To know greed will win over our commonsense as we watch our communities slit their throats for some release and watch every tree to see if any of the branches can hold a hanging weight. Ground Zero is far from New York City. Have no illusion. Where the money is made the damage is done. Ground Zero is on every single reservation in the land that is so hypocritically named, the United States of America. 

Author Joe Pollitt, 2014

Post by MTV.


Thursday, 13 November 2014

Volunteers Needed in AFREECAR

A must see for those that love Humanity and A F R I C A..



Monday, 10 November 2014

Writing for pleasure.

Thinking today about this idea of humanity, a word that is being thrown around like a dishcloth of late. What does humanity look like? Does it have a face even? What do we think about when we casually say the word? What is the motivation to create, to wake up and start writing or producing art? The purpose of which is to somehow enlighten others on thoughts and in sharing our universal commonalities reminds ourselves that we are not alone. It is agonising to see the way in which the people of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Cote D'Ivoire are being treated. As if they could be tested upon, sent man-made plagues and think that is acceptable in our modern era of global technology. Well it is certainly not. What is to done with these countries of unrestrained power? The ultimate control the Western world has over the global citizens is unacceptable and it is the job of the artist to address this tyranny.  How can one express the sentiments of the world? Maybe through a flood of tears. To rant and rage about it would seem pointless as these are the darkest days in modern times.  Nobody will listen if you screamed but all of us are connected in ways we never thought possible before. The will of the world is being challenged and the voices are gushing in from every angle.  The pain that we are experiencing is universally shared between us all but this heart-ache is difficult to live with. What is happening is that we are starting to turn ourselves off, diverting our attention elsewhere, focusing on the positive and ignoring the ugliness that is so unbearable to witness.

Today, I am allowing myself the luxury of thinking. Personally, I am keen to find out where my thoughts will take me and so I am writing for pleasure. Dancing with the spirits that fly inside of me, that talk to me in my alone time, my not quite asleep, half-drunk, tearful times. I am thinking about this journey I have taken and heard others say, "Well I could of been very rich if I had gone into the private sector." I never think like that and only see myself as me after all it is only I that has to live with me. All the choices that I made and will always make are mine alone. My journey or destiny is set-out purely by the character I was born into and happily shaped over years of undisciplined thought. My driving factor has always been my love for humanity, always seeking out the best in those I have met and those I am yet to meet. My thoughts on what makes an artist are interesting and worthy of note. An artist is dangerous, unpredictable, spontaneous and exciting. You never know what the artist will do next. Society fears and adores the artist. A character that does what they can't do, be themselves. The artist is wild, lawless and free. Untamable and impossible to live with. As an artist you must open up your heart in public. Let the world in and watch them rip out your organs and chomp on all that is precious to you. Better still is having your dreams crushed and ideas mocked and hearing a voice in the corner saying, "I could of done that!" In order to save your soul why not think of your art as mere product. A canvas like a Hienz beanz can, like a trash can, a coke can or an African.

My thoughts of late have been on the "Middle Passage" - this journey from Europe to Africa to the Americas. This endless idea of First World vs Third World. A time of slavery and when the world lost it's religion or found it depending on how you see the long journey of change. When the Kingdoms of West Africa threw out their most valuable assets, those that understood about the nature and the ephemeral world of the spirits. What is exciting is how traditional African religion travelled throughout the different regions, changing ever so slightly in each location, re-defining itself as Hoodoo rather than Voodou. The oral culture is far more versatile than that of the Biblical books or the aggressive nature of the so-called peaceful Islam, Judaism and Christanity, all of which have blood dripping from their fingertips on a daily basis. I see Africans as good travellers, great friends and by and large, hard workers. All creativity and kindness comes from West Africa. Goodness is there in abundance. The sense of what is right and wrong is paramount and these codes are of vital importance to all those in the region. The moral compass of humanity is perfectly balanced and it is here we need to be focusing our attentions on now. We in the West are really lost and every day we keep on losing another inch of decency for the price of a bacon-cheese-burger.

We now know that Judas was on the cross rather than the written version of Jesus. He has become our scape-goat, our version of betrayal and our channel for our personal hatefulness. We know the importance of Mary Magdalene, who we now know was the lover of Christ and the mother of the Christians but the Papalcy would never agree to that. Never agree to have a whore hold such power on earth but that is the reality of history but the sacred books are written and re-written to serve a certain purpose; that of spreading the wickedness we are witnessing in our homes all around the world. So who is to save us now? Where do we look for our Saviour on earth? Where else but in West Africa, where life began and our human origins belong...