Wednesday, 28 November 2012


@rtPunch - Artistic Team in Kampala

Here are some exciting works by the @rtPunch Team in Kampala with Wasswa, Sheila, Helen and others. The Leopard is showing it's spots. Fantastic celebration of 50 years of Independence in Uganda.

Eria 'Sane' Nsubuga | Ugandan Artist

Cattle Dung Artworks

Artworks by Ugandan Artist | Eria Sane Nsubuga - 2012 - 50 Years of Independence and life has changed so very little.

Here is an artist clearly angry with many aspects of the world. The Art World. The Third World. The Lack of Development in his World. Here is an artist that Amnesty and Liberty should be aware of. He has done more this year for Uganda than any other person in East Africa in the last 50 Years - We must celebrate the artistic bravery of Eria Nsubuga and ensure his works are seen, understood and written about. The present day issues within Museums around the world of the primitive mixed with the modern. The tribal with the contemporary - these works are strong responses to those outside Africa, representing the Continent so poorly.

Guy Fawkes Day

My Right To Be Heard

Tolerance Repect for Divergence

Cattle Dung - Ugandan Cultery

Cattle Dung Sculptures

Kifete - Tribute to Romano Lutwamo

Sunday, 4 November 2012

African Artwork

Tunisian Artist | Abderrazak Sahli

Zimbabwean Artist | Brighton Sango
Togolese Artist | Emmanuel Kavi

Benin Artist | Charly D'Almeida

Uganda Artist | Sheila Nakitende
Ghanian Artist | Kwame Bakoji-Hume

Zimbabwean Art | Stephen Gara'ganga
Senegalese Artist | Soly Cisse