Monday, 8 October 2012

Wangechi Mutu @ Her Best

YOU ALL SHOULD HAVE ASKED FOR A NOTHING ZERO TO THIS WORK...$60,000 come on people..this is art with heart.

Homeward Bound image

Homeward Bound

Edition of 45 plus 20 artist's proofs
Wangechi Mutu
All proceeds from the sale of this specially created print will benefit the Mrs. Sarah's House Project to assist Mrs. Sarah Lastie in rebuilding her family home in the Lower 9th Ward district of New OrleansInvited by curator Dan Cameron to develop a work for the inaugural exhibition Prospect.1 in New Orleans last year, Wangechi Mutu was inspired by the experience of Mrs. Sarah Lastie, whose home in the Lower 9th Ward was devastated by Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent levy breach. 

A retired former government employee, Mrs. Sarah worked for two and a half years following the disaster locked in a struggle with the City and State bureaucracy in her efforts to return to her community. Eventually she began rebuilding her house on her empty lot but  encountered numerous obstacles, including being swindled by non-licensed contractors who constructed a foundation that would not pass building codes. 

Wangechi Muti's project for Prospect.1, entitled Mrs. Sarah's House, evolved from this story as a simple frame of a typical New Orleans 'railroad' style house  that stands on the footprint of the house that Mrs. Sarah has not yet been able to build. Described in small lights, at night the structure becomes a kind of ghostly presence - a mirage of sorts - as a representation of Mrs. Sarah's and others' dreams of returning home.

$ 6000.00

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