Sunday, 19 August 2012

South African Miners


Please watch this footage clearly. None of the workers have weapons. This is cold blooded murder.


This is the story of our age. These black worthless mine-workers were killed in cold blood. Their lives meant absolutely nothing except, maybe something to their immediate impoverished family members and friends. A miner is born into mining down in South Africa, virtually enslaved into a pitiful life of hard labour. These men risk their health and their lives for resources traded on the world commodity markets. Their efforts ensure that we in the West, live as we do. As a civilised world it is our duty to ensure the health and safety of these peasants. It is our duty to house them effectively, with good sanitation, a proper roof over their heads and beds with decent mattresses. Clean kitchens to cook and wash in and comfortable living spaces, in which to lounge in. A table and chairs in order to eat from and maybe some clean water to drink and a lightbulb in order to see. Free education for their children to ensure their lives have possibilities further than just going down a mine-hole. They need free healthcare and transport. They need a decent wage rather than a pitiful existence. Until these demands have been met, the minerals on earth with cease to be of any value to anybody. I advise anybody interested in investing in precious metals to think very seriously about whether or not you want to invest in human life; in the Slavery of others.. Hold back your pounds, shillings and pence until these vital human conditions have been met and effectively put into place by the greedy, vicious and hateful mine owners.

I believe the London Exchange should pay tribute to these seemingly pointless families down in South Africa. As a civilised nation we must maintain the upmost respect for these underclass individuals. May I suggest a 2 minute silence at 11am on Monday morning and a small prayer for the markets not to fall too low in the precious metals sectors and a short prayer for all those that have invested.

Let us pray:

Our Money, which 'art in Jo'burg,
Hollow by thy name.
Thy Kingdom come, the killing done,
on earth as they were just poor Africans.
Give us our pay and their daily bread.
Forgive them their weapons
as they never had none,
as we have forgotten their lives already.
And lend them not, for they are corruption,
but deliver them just a little more evil.
For Mines are the kingdom, the power,
and the glory, for ever and ever.


Dear Savages


Dear South Africa,

I really think you care less if I write or not but I choose to waste my time to write. I want to tell you of my observations of your new savage and brutal nation, under your gutless ANC rule. You place more value on your resources than your people. You are a disgrace. Your greed is killing you but none are willing to stop you, so keep on killing yourselves, the world is watching in horror. Your Leaders should be ashamed of themselves but they are too busy stealing and counting their Rands. There are too few good men and women in your nation, sadly for your fellow countrymen and women they will have to bare the brunt of your crimes and just have to stand your incessant breeding of worthless individuals; all of whom, will inevitably be destined to rule over a scared and cripple nation. In a world where the electricity works and the water is drinkable I write down my hatred with shaking fingertips. I understand you are unable to see my words written and unwilling to digest what I write but still I write to exercise my anger.

Should I turn my back on what I have witnessed? Close my eyes to all the beatings and murders over the past 2 years in Black South Africa. Should I recognise the black man as a lesser being than I and think...well, who cares...he was poor and black..he probably had it coming and deserved it. Can I fly to a country that hates itself as it does in South Africa? Can I pay for food, travel and accommodation and in so doing, support a rotten nation that murders its own. Of course it will not effect me. A white Englishman happily going to the Art Fairs of Jo'burg...Well, it does effect me. I am but one man, but I want to make a stand here. All of humankind have a value. Each man and woman have a right to a life, regardless of race of economic circumstances. In my heart I hate South Africa. I hate what it stands for. It stands up for cowardly behaviour and applauds it. South Africa has no guts and therefore I have no place in an African nation that has no heart, no soul and really no GUTS! I will not be attending the Art Fair this year or any other year, until such time as South Africa wakes up and starts to love itself and holds those that have killed to account.

Yours sincerely,

Joe Pollitt,
African Artists