Saturday, 16 June 2012


Artist: Wosene Worke Kosrof: Portrait of a Word, 2011, acrylic on canvas, 28x28 inches — at Skoto Gallery.

We can work for diamonds and pearls but get the end of the day we'll be lucky to be alive. Great Artists starve, the others are too busy selling themselves and all those around them, too busy selling and spending to be creative....

As an artist you must strip yourself naked in order to push yourself forward. It is immaterial what others think of your work or your words and opinions you hold. So those viewing my posts must think why would he be saying such terrible stuff about himself. Painting for drugs, writing for Scottish hookers and spitting at people on Facebook, where am I coming from? I want to belong to those that have given up the disguise or the front that other people erect about themselves and pull back the mask and think what would I do if I were paid? Probably do plenty of drugs and get in a way my inability to sell or raise funds has inadvertently saved me. My failure is my success.

Then the human aspect of art or writing. Why would he be saying he pissed his pants or wet the bed or farted in the bath. I want to link my words to the rawness that is life. The pimples that we squeeze and arses that we scratch. This links me to you and bonds us as basic human beings. All these aspects are done for one main goal. That is to gain an audience's trust. The words we use are vital to gain that trust and this throws a spear into the Media and how they write about the world and spin words on their head to the point of making "the word" redundant. I think this is so frightening and the phrase: "Hearts and Minds"..."Winning the War" becomes empty. The hearts of others are priceless and the minds precious....but if the Media continue as they are, we will end up with neither. To win the "Peace" is an extraordinary phrase. Liar..liar..pants of fire...this is a spin on War. Peace can not be achieved by bulling another into submission with your might or your nuclear capability. No "Peace" will ever be won when one party are faced with a barrel of a gun. We must be clear on what we are reading and how the writer or journalist is corrupting your perception of the wider world. This is the War we must fight. The War of the Word....the WWW World Word Won - These words we use are our salvation.

When all currencies around the world are crumbling we are reduced to nothing. When the Foolish Men Gamble with our lives, we are doomed. The Markets can not be realised and it places the world in CRISIS. Those that are effected are the weaker members of our world such as the average and below average African/Indian/South American/Asian/Chinese/American and European..the underclass of the planet is directly effected by the irresponsible Monsters of our world that have gambled our lives with their friends..and I point at RBS Chief Mr Bond and his team...who got away Scott Free; taking with them our Freedom, our way of life. They must be held to account for their actions but maybe this is not a time to place the blame, that is so infantile. This is a time to re-evaluate currency. This is what the Power fears most. If currency is eradicated then we go back to the days before of the tea-rooms of the Llodys Building and the London Stock Exchange; back to the days of a man's WORD was his BOND.

Power on Earth is in the wrong hands. It is in the hands of the LIARS. Their WORD is worthless...less than worthless. So we must rebuild from the beginning. And in the beginning was the WORD! In the end the Greatest currency is our saying this you can gain all Trust. My word has value. I have value as I am an honest man. The letters are our coins, our loose change and with this spare change we can build up a world worth living in for all. And for the Greater GOOD go we. What the Internet has done or more to the point, what Facebook has done, is created a fare platform for all. The playing-fields are ours now, regardless of race, colour, class or tribe. We are all equal with our letters A to Z and our place on this earth should be judged on how we use our precious loose change in order to forge a resistance against the Power that B. 

As we allow ourselves to write, we will see that the spirit within us will guide us forward. It means a lot if you trusted me on this, because if you don't write on a regular basis you will never know what I am writing about...but if we give up we can begin again....If we say our nothing and type out our nothing, we can begin again..and in our writing out of our need to say nothing and feel we're nothing, so the world is created....Almost by accident the words will appear that echo amongst others who can read them and agree with them. When seen these letters act as a a Bible or a Q'uaran...but who should write this New Book? This new world Order.

We have a chance here on Facebook on the Internet, to all write this book together and agree with the words written and edit. How this is done I not quite sure....but this needs to be done by the AFRICANS FIRST. I put the AFRICAN FIRST over and above all else for it is those from the Dark Continent that have been effected most by the LIARS - It is the AFRICANS who should be the ones to have the first words in this our NEW BOOK. Stepping on the good foot; writing out the GOOD BOOK! 



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