Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Lonely Tramp

Can you hear me through my smelly clothes?
My coat of many pukes; 

Watch me through my holely shoes and 
listen to the purr of my humming-socks.
D-drink from my warmed so-soaken underpants.

I watch you, seeing me as that ugly animal?
Wondering, can you see me as a man at all?
What about a human being?

See me as the man I am and 
see me as I should be seen. 
See me as your human equal.

Again you passed me on your way to work.
I save a tear for you each morning.
See it falling, slowly rolling down my cheek.
Yet again you missed my weeping.
Ignoring my weak and creepy; out-stretched hand. 


Are you reading what I am writing?
Are you hearing what I am praying?
Am I too vulgar for your attention?
Time is money and I have none.
You are cash rich yet time poor.
I am time rich yet piss poor.

Am I too smelly for your concern?
Am I too unimportant to be listened to?
Am I too mucky and lucky to be seen?

Am I too stained, too homeless, too lewd, 
too foul to-give-a shit about?

You keep spitting in my dirty face. Thank you.
Thankyou for watching me wash my-filthy-self,

Thankyou for casting an evil eye on my bathtime.
Scrubbing myself in tepid-urine and your generous spit.

Listen to my voice. Through my wrecked breath...

Hear my words.

Avoid my heavy beard, rotten-teeth, glazed-eyes 
and ruddy face and see me beyond my putrid stench.
Look for the 'Light' within; every book has a silver lining.
And not every poem should be published.
All I want to be is heard.....

I wandered lonely as a cloud that floats on London's High Streets.
When all at once I saw a friend.
A holy ghost, of white iries.

Am I worthy of a note, how about a drink then?

JP 2011

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