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Heritage at The Biennial of Art and Culture of Sao Tome and Principe.

Press Release | Cultural Association Biennial of Sao Tome and Principe

The Biennial of Art and Culture of Sao Tome and Principe began in 1995 because of one man, João Carlos Silva's dream and perseverance. Organized by the Cultural Association Biennial of Sao Tome and Principe, its purpose is to promote the artistic community of Sao Tome and Principe and its connection with the world.

Feira by Olavo Amado
Heritage is clearly visible in Olavo Amado's Feira

After a break of seven years, the second edition took place in 2002. But it is in 2008, on its fifth edition, that the Biennial faced a turning point and resized its objectives.

If the fifth Biennial was to "Share Territories", promoting knowledge, dialogue and openness in various areas and latitudes, the sixth Biennial will focus on "Heritage(s)" to enable and enrich territories as well as to consolidate the shared beginnings.

The sixth edition will happen between 1st and 30th November 2011, being the second phase of the project started in 2008, and that established a time of consolidation and affirmation of the biennial, with the curatorial orientation of Adelaide Ginga.

The sixth Biennial programme includes an international exhibition of contemporary visual arts called Heritage(s) - Encounters and Intersections, which will be based on artistic residences; an exhibition centred on architectural heritage by the name Roças of Sao Tome and Príncipe; and Roça Língua a project about Portuguese linguistic universe and heritage.

Alongside there will be other cultural activities, conferences, a documentary and film cycle about Africa and its heritage(s), a homage to the artist Almada Negreiros, two projects of photography in public spaces about Tchiloli, workshops and educational ateliers, as well as entertainment events that value traditional performing arts.

A cor da feira-OLAVO AMADO.
A cor da feira-Olavo Amado
The Biennial aims to confirm Sao Tome and Principe in the international cultural community, placing special emphasis in the articulation with the African countries of Central and Southern region and, in particular, its relation to the CPLP (Community of Portuguese-Language Countries).
Among the artists in the international exhibition of contemporary art include: (in residence)
César Schofield (Cape Verde), Emeke Okereke to confirm (Nigeria), Flaviano Mindela (Guinea-Bissau), Ihosvanny Cineros (Angola), Izoe ( East Timor), João Bosco ( East Timor), João Maria Gusmão and Pedro Paiva (Portugal), José Spaniol (Brazil), Lucas Grandin (France), Maimuna Adam (Mozambique), Mário Macilau (Mozambique), Misheck Masamvu (Zimbabwe) and Samba Fall to confirm (Senegal).
From São Tomé and Principe:
Adilson Castro, Eduardo Mahlé, Geane Castro, Ismael Sequeira, Estanislau Neto, Katita Dias, Kwame Sousa, Olavo Amado, René Tavares and Valdemar Dória.

About The Curator : Adelaide Ginga
Adelaide Ginga is a curator and conservator at the National Museum of Contemporary Art - Museu do Chiado, in Lisbon. Previously she was sub director in the Institute of Arts of the Portuguese Ministry of Culture, having, among other responsibilities, the coordination of the international area. Adelaide directed the representations of Portugal in the Biennial of Visual Arts and Architecture in Venice and Sao Paulo, from 2001 to 2007, and the Prague Quadrennial of Scenography and Theatre Architecture in 2007.

She is graduated in Art History from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Nova University of Lisbon; and did her Masters in Modern History from the same institution, with a thesis on "The Surreal Adventure" that was awarded with Victor de Sá prize. She also has a Masters in Curating and Exhibition Organisation from the Fine Arts Faculty of Lisbon / Fundation Calouste Gulbenkian.

Adelaide has done incredible work in the area of scientific research, historiography as well as artistic curatorial work.

About The Coordinator : João Carlos Silva

Joao Carlos Silva was born in Angolares, Sao Tome in 1956. He studied in Sao Tome and Principe, Angola and Portugal, where he attended the Law School in Coimbra University. He practiced journalism and art in Lisbon. He founded CIAC and Teia d´Arte in Sao Tome and has participated in several group exhibitions of fine arts in Sao Tome and abroad.
Currently, he directs the Integrated Project for Development of Roça São João and has been coordinating the Art and Culture Biennial of Sao Tome and Principe since 1995. He has as well presented the television program "Na Roça com os Tachos" and "Sal na Língua" produced by RTP.
He has also authored the books “Na roça com os Tachos” and “Façam o favor de ser felizes”.

For more information, please contact:
Patrícia Corrêa,
Assistant Curator and Press Office.
Tel. +351 912872843.
Email: bienal.sao.tome.principe@gmail.com
Skype: pfvcorrea

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