Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Paul Hardcastle's New BLOG...

Paul is one of the strongest voices in the world 
of art. His blog promised to be a rich source of 
inspiration and creative ideas. His knowledge of
different art forms is wonderfully extensive and 
thankfully, he has the generosity of spirit to share 
his knowledge with all of us.

Doodles for a project in abstract figurative sculptural
form using ceramics, glass and mosaic to produce a
visually stunning array of shape, texture and colour.


Paul Hardcastle Artist said...

Hi Joe thank you for the glowing words, I can only try to live up to them.

I came on Bloggspot to see you new work full size then decide to take your advice and write one myself.

Your new work, which I actually love now I can see it properly, has presnce and hidden depths. It shows your passion for the continent.

Keep trucking mate.

African Artists said...

They are selling clean water to Africans with every pack of washing soap we buy. They are planting trees in the rain forest with every toilet paper purchased. Africa is not for sale but only you, I and few others realise that.