Saturday, 28 May 2011

Performance Art

I recently discovered the rich sounds of West Africa in the form of the talking pots of Nigeria. These handmade clay pots originate from the Igbos of the Eastern region of Nigeria - Here is a wonderful sound of the Udu Drum - Deep Talking Ceramics.

The idea of combining two seperate art forms and forging a link is something I have spoken most recently about with Paul Hardcastle. Paul is a gifted artist from Yorkshire, here in the UK.
Paul is a ceramerist, sculptor and stainglass artist and combines all these unique skills into marvellous works of art. Highly influenced by African art, Paul's works are universal and have a generous global flavour that certainly speaks to anybody who has travelled to countries in West Africa and further afield, yet he manages to maintain and retain a specific individuality that is pagan in it's essence yet is regarded by many as modern.

To find out more about Paul and his artworks go to his website: Paul Hardcastle Ceramics.

Over the past decade I have had numerous conversations about this topic of combining the different mediums, especially with artists such as the Algerian born, full-time International artist in London; Houria Naiti and the Ghanaian born artist, George Afedzi Hughes over in the USA.

Here is a wonderful performance artwork by George on Video.

Title: Sum-phusis, Act 4, 2008

Sum-phusis, Act 4, 2008 from nayked artt on Vimeo.

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