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Lucas Ndlovu | South African Masterchef

Lucas Ndlovu | The Man Who Rules The Kitchen With Magic In His Head
Source: Hotel Resort Insider
If you are a foodie and want to look up some 
great African dishes, then you will definitely 
come across the name of Lucas Ndlovu. He is 
one of the most renowned South African 
chefs and has been honored by the
International Chaine de Rotisseurs to be
one among the 24  South African chefs.

His best known dishes include avocado with ginger, honey and celery,
paper-thin ostrich carpaccio, roast quail with bacon rolls, served with 
bread sauce, game chips and marula jelly and grilled baby kingklip 
rolled in macademia nuts, served with a mango and mampoer sauce. 
This man also earns the credit of sharing his dishes with the poor 

Ndlovu's claims that the secret of him becoming a great chef lies in 

the fact that he is a great foodie. This man illuminates Coach House 
in Agatha, near Tzaneen, with his presence. This elegant hostelry 
gets all the more popular as people here get to see the hands that
 cook these excellent dishes. Once you enter this hostelry, you will
 find the South African chef dressed in a white chef's jacket with 
the overseas logo of the South African Chefs Association on it. He 
also wears a chef's hat on a Zulu shield with crossed assegai and 
knobkierie. After being dressed up, the executive chef is all set to 
take the rounds of the dining room.

If you want to know how Lucas Ndlovu went on to become the 

man he is today, you will have to know what it took him to reach 
the stars. This man started out his career as a "chef's assistant" in Hartebeespoort in 1958! Mind you - this was a period when the 
blacks in professional kitchens were subjected to only cleaning 
and chopping. Things were so bad that Ndlovu recalls the black 
and white chefs eating separately in the old times.

Back then, he was just a young trainee chef whose skill was 

noticed by the executive chefs and employers. Ndlovu was soon 
out of the scullery and since then he did not look back - he was 
rapidly rising to the top in a chain of famous hotels, such as the 
Rustenburg Hotel, Cybele Lodge in Mpumalanga and the 
Silverton in Pretoria, where he first met his wife, Elizabeth Makae, 
who is also a chef at present.

Today, the South African chef can be found at the Coach House 

along with his family from where he trains young chefs, travels 
overseas for demonstrations and competitions and comes up 
with new recipes.

Formed in the early 1970s, the South African Chefs Association 

seated Lucas Ndlovu as its first and only black member. The 
association's Academy of Chefs also elected him as one among 
the top 25 chefs. He has also been honored as being one of the 
24 South African chefs, who had been inducted into the 
international Chaine de Rotisseurs.

This chef's claim to fame also includes the fact that he has tossed 

up dishes for celebrities like, the former Home Affairs Minister 
Mangosuthu Buthelezi, the former presidents Nelson Mandela 
and FW de Klerk and other famous politicians and celebrities.

World Cooks Tour for Hunger by World Association of Cooks 

Societies is an annual event, where food is cooked for the poor 
kids. This benevolent concept had been introduced by South African 
chef and Ndlovu's mentor, Bill Gallagher, food and beverage director 
of the Southern Sun hotel group. There are chefs from all over the 
world at the event who travel at their own expense only for hosting 
the fund-raising events that includes street parties for the 
underprivileged children. Ndlovu finds his heart here every year.

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