Thursday, 25 November 2010

Art of this World | Response to Bill and Max

Artist | Paa Joe
Fantasy Coffins
Teshey, Accra

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I have enormous admiration for Bill Karg, his attitude and adoration of artists from Africa is second to none. He has championed the ideas of the Continent and shared his extensive knowledge with Art Collectors, Artists, Critics and school children in NYC and beyond.

I tend to disagree with Bill, but then again, I disagree with everybody. I think the Art World is a cold fish. A total nonsense and a foolish Boss. Following fashion is a mugs game! Don't play to the Market, create it through being sincere and having a genuine passion. Artists are artists worldwide. Do you really think the Senegalese don't want to celebrate their football stars that play in the English Premiership? They are more part of Senegal in England than they ever were in Dakar. Bill, we are born on a tiny boat with broken oars and are all trying to make something out of our time, whilst we're in these huge oceans. Look for artists that have turned their backs on monetary rewards and those special few, that work for the love of producing the art. The integrity shines through...maybe not immediately but it will shine, especially if others around them like what they are doing. The work that you have done to date is staggering. It is fantastic and is far more than a job, it is a labour of love but many more people should be encouraged to do the same and bring different like or dislikes to the world's attention.

There is a scent and a sense of excitement in the air. It has changed somewhat as the pace has quickened to a gallop and now a canter. All over the Continent people are busy working away on their various art projects and the face of Africa is constantly changing and remodelling itself on something or other. It is the most exciting and exhilarating picture to see. More focus should be put on promoters such as AfricanColours in Kenya, Bisi Silva in Nigeria and Genevieve Phillips in Ghana and many others and the more interest in Contemporary Africa there is abroad, will inevitably encourage others to do similar in different countries on the Continent. Establishing a progressive Africa through art, as seen through the eyes of the world, is a noble pursuit. I smile when I read Bill's thoughts on wanting to send the work back to Africa as the journey has just begun..... 

Purple Rain by Andrew Ngoroge

Have a willowness and a willingness to change as the curio artists are still needing a platform or else before long, everybody will be painting rubiks-cubes and what you were initially excited by and loved, will be lost and virtually murdered. That I think is the danger. African artists throughout the Continent are deeply curious about change and curio artists are no exception. The point is to find an imaginative way to blend Modernity into Traditional Africa and at all times maintaining original creativity...African Style.

Artist | Houria Naiti
La bateau de la derive, 2010

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