Thursday, 11 November 2010

Purple Rain by Andrew Njoroge

Purple Rain by Andrew Njoroge 

Andrew had this idea a number of years ago but I'm delight to see that he has finally put his camera into action and made a beautiful album of photographs of the Jacaranda trees in Nairobi, Kenya.

Nairobi is a city that lies near the equator and is the hub of East Africa. It has no real season to speak of but this marvellous, exciting, dangerous city that some refer to as Nairobbery almost changes overnight.

In mid-October the place is awash and comes into bloom, with vivid purple Jacaranda leaves. A stunning sight for all to see, they seem to grow almost everywhere. 


      "The Jacaranda Season", as Andrew likes to call it. 

This is a wonderful display of sensitivity. 

A photographer truly at his best and looking at his city with renewed vision. 

A positive expression from a world far too often seen as full of anger, hatred and ugliness. What a refreshing sight for sore eyes.

With the greatest respect, I would like to do these images justice and write between each one; expressing the joy that we see in an artist talking for all and giving superb guidance for others to follow. 

Art should be simple, created with a gentle kindness for the viewer and most importantly expressing an Africa that is truly beautiful. Thank you Andrew for creating these stunning photographs and congratulation for giving birth to a new Kenyan Season - the Jacaranda Season.

Photographs by 
© Andrew Njoroge | Purple Rain 2010 

*N.B. Please note that these images belong to Andrew Njoroge. If you are interested and would like to use any images here please have the decency to contact Andrew at AfricanColours |

Author: Joe Pollitt 

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