Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The Minstrel Show

I found this on the Internet via Youtube and it really made me think about the way in which the black man is portrayed in society. What is needed is more positive imagery and a progressive mindset.

We must look towards the American Civil Rights Movement and start to reshape our thinking. To seek out the positive and the progressive and to build on the efforts made.

America's culture is based around the cowboy and Hollywood and the film industry or elaborate musicals on Broadway. This can't be the culture worldwide as each country of Africa is unique in it's development and what represents the country.

Kenya is a great example as the tourist industry has played an enormous role in it's shaping of the country. The colour of Kenya is like a rainbow with animals, white hunters and Maasai worriers with bows and arrows. A similar history of cowboys and indians can be recorded by film directors of Kenya in regards to the British vs the Kenyans but unlike America the Kenyans won.

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