Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Banana Wall by Stefan Sagmeister

Graphic Artist: Stefan Sagmeister
Country: Austria/US
Title: Self-Confidence Produces Fine Results
Materials: 7,200 Bananas and Glue
Exhibition: Dietch Project
18-28, Wooster Road,
NYC, New York 10013
Year: 2008

This style of art is known as "Conceptual Art".

Although this show was exhibited in 2008, I thought it flagged up some interesting ideas with a rather imaginative material, bananas. This is a material that is in abundance in many parts of the Continent. The work should inspire artists to look outside the guidelines and parameters of traditional art forms. By using fruit or a live organism an artist can play with a number of human senses - the eyes and the nose.

As the fresh display of bananas begin to decay, the viewer is able to make out the impressions of the design around the wall and the lettering. The artist has ingeniously placed bananas on the wall at different degrees of ripeness; these were strategically put into place at the start.  The conception of fruit to create pungent typography, and then watching it change over time is inspired.

The message reads:

Self Confidence Produces Fine Results.

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