Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Al-Andalus : Alhambra Palace

Here is a Palace made up of some of the greatest Muslim craftsmanship to be found anywhere in the world. It is within this Moorish building that Spain and later the rest of Europe would learn about the importance of geometry and numeracy.

The building blocks for any nation boils down to the basic understanding of numeracy; geometry; art and literacy and the Alhambra Palace has all these aspects in abundance. It was purely down to the generosity of the Muslims Moors and their wider knowledge of modern thinking that enabled Europe to break into the Modern age. Through the North African intelligent understanding of mathematics and intricate architecture Europe was given the opportunity to successfully develop, both in accountancy and architecture. The Europeans owe their present day development and knowledge to the Jews and the Muslim Moors of the 9th Century who were later to be disgracefully expelled from Europe.

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travellermimi said...

Its sad that they contributed in these arts and sciences, but only to leave these lands

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