Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Let us Pray.

Letters pray they understand us today.
Let us pray they understand and start thinking.

Letters are the keys my dears.
With big ears my dears;
the l e t t e r s are the keys.

Will you let us use these keys?
Unlock every door for
the word is we us.

We have the power of the word.
The word is now with us.
We have the power of the world.
The world is now with us.

So let us write all night.
Letters from everywhere.
Out of sight. Out of here.
Out of there and everywhere.
Let us write. Letters right.

Give us this day our daily letter.
And give all those that have come before us.
The benefit of doubt.
And the luxury of thinking.

And leads us not into temptation but into redemption.

We have the right to exist alright.
We know the power of this word.
We know the power of this world.

JP. Thinking Online in Africa.

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