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Accidental Interview with Eria Sane Nsubuga from Entebbe, Uganda

Hi Joe, how are you?
I am busy thinking 
about Education
about African Literature
and Art
Tell what to write about?
You need to feed me
otherwise I will be talking out of turn.
As an artist
which Movement do you belong to
if any?
Nice, what to write about? The fact that visual and creative growth among really young kids is a bit lacking..we spend too much time getting our kids academically educated but not enough time getting them creatively educated. Right now, I am not in any movement. I am just trying to find my place in the world..
There is a book that is about to be published
entitled Kumasi Realism
by a Ghanaian man Mister Atti.
That is a real breakthrough
as it is in the title
from an African writer
rather than a white man in England
yeah, that's actually the most widely acceptable style; Realism.
Why not write a book about Kampala Post-Impressionist
or Entebbe Post-Independent Painters
How will it all break down
I wonder?
But I am often confused about this term Realism: does it only relate to how one paints a subject and makes it as close to reality as possible? Or should it be the message being transmitted that should be the important thing?
Realism refers to
the message I believe...
so a realist painter would be Goya
for example
more political than imaginative;
more angry than creative.
haha, nice. Entebbe Post-independence art sounds a bit like an oxymoron. We never got Independence. The Colonialists just changed address. Everything, even in a rough and watered down version, remained..
haha..more angry than creative..Goya. that's funny.
How would you like to be seen in the future?
As you will inevitably been seen somewhere..
Sane Art maybe?
How about the Sane Artists?
You will need to set up an art school
and have a generation to follow you
and your works.
you know, I think Art in Uganda needs a lot of publicity, and a book would help. wow!SANE artists sounds good however that would be vain of me to name other artists after myself, which would be false. I think the Africans must just refuse to be classed according to a measure we do not even really understand.
That is so true
because nobody really went to school
as there are no art colleges
to mention
Just a fraction of a University.
I find this in all places
it maybe by accident
but I don't think so...
I think it was on purpose
as the Leaders
do not like the freedom of thought
as they are usually military men.
hehehe, a fraction of a i need to be in any movement? Naive Art, Stupid Art, Black Art, African Art. All that carries unfair expectations on African Painters
but it is up to you to change that
and talk for the
rather than being defined by someone like me
So I ask you
what should I write?
I am empty over here...
politically correct african artists are expected to ignore the real issues and just paint giraffes and beautiful flowers and pretend that their generally poor lives are all blissful..
I have no idea what I am doing!
I understand they are numerous
problems Sane but the voice
must be coming out
of Africa
not out of my basement in Royal Tunbridge Wells
don't you agree?
Africa's lost too. We don't know what we are doing? If I was painting for the future, i would be testing the limits and limitations of African Art, not just trying to survive off my art. I would be pushing for new affordable media like animal refuse in art and architecture rather than mimicking European Art..
I understand
and I am suggesting we break you up into affordable shares
so somebody can have your left eye
for example
and somebody can own your big toe
so I want to sell you to the Business Community of Uganda
as their most valuable asset
You should be Traded on
and allowed to exist
and the business world can feel that have their pound of flesh
so to speak.
You are actually the right person. Just look at your hand. That colour gets things done everywhere. A black man in this world is still generally ignored. This will happen up to a point when we stand up and discard all these silly things being imposed on us. One example is, if the Colonialists so believed in Democracy in Africa, why did they never ever ever try it with us? Why didn't they ask us whether we would agree for them to divide Africa up on European lines? Stuff like that..
i did not get the last part about promoting me to Ugandans..
I wanted to turn you into
an affordable share option
and trade you on a market
like the footballers do
The asset is changing
no longer the oil
and gold
but the talent.
The talent 
can be Traded!
Like a slave market
or sorts....
ugly I know
but that is the way of the world!
Am I making any sense yet?
Art is the most fundamental aspect of any creative developing economy, because the creative side questions why we import Japanese cars, forks and knives, Chinese needles, make our coins in Europe, why we import our cups, plates, shoes, shirts, trousers, watches, radios, books, musical instruments, pcs, virtually everything and make or export almost nothing. art is one the future exports here and yet our people and Government never support us...
We could be the ones pushing new ideas for bathtubs, cisterns, cooking utensils and so on, yet nothing like that even brushes our minds..
Yes indeed
but your silence is killing you.
Books should be written
on just this subject
intelligently drop an intellectual bomb on the Nation.
The psyche of the nation
is sick
it believes in everybody else
but itself.
You know people here would rather buy a cheap Chinese poor quality, printed artwork on a plastic fame than look at our 'african' art. I think we should really rename it. This art has been rejected by the people because it does not really solve everyday problems of the people. The poor abused Chinese needle maker is more relevant than me in my own country.
I am ashamed to live like this. As an unappreciated dreamer 'artist'!
please please
write your thoughts down
as a testimony to history
dreaming is fine
but writing is far healthier
I will post all your thoughts online
All you need to do is write them out
i like that statement..writing is far healthier. I am trying to.
In short bursts
continue to write in short bursts
and it will come out
of you
Like a sprinter..
I have a whole lot of half written thoughts on Africa..unconnected..
People want your thoughts on your work
not my thoughts on your work
get the balance
just write.
Write out the thoughts along with your work.
They can be as random
as you like.
You words are Art too
and it goes so beautiful with the work.
Make it short and to the point
but make the connection with your work
Otherwise you will be seen as unwise and insane
That sounds good. Then why don't you write on East African Art? Along with the East African Artists
Let us just start with you and your art
Sanity in Africa
Just start a blog
and I'll connect it mine
and when you are happy with the blog
then publish it through
and sell it out to your friends. Simple.
aha. Show me how to do a blog please
And you may make a few pennies but you will have achieved everything you desired
and maybe your book will be on the Curriculum of tomorrows world
and then what will your family members say then?
hahaha. i would be relevant at last. Africans always valued the teacher..always..
how about that
go and get a free blog and call it Sanity in Africa
and start putting your work up
and writing randomly around the world
in short bursts
otherwise people will not read it
as they are lazy
and unable to think these days!
People tend to like short stuff these days. I like the concept of 'Democrazy' in Africa...
Ask those that have bought your work to buy your book.
Make it more about you
INsane Africa
Inside the mind of the Sane.
Insane out; Upsane down
but put yourself in the picture
Stop being selfless,
there is really no need.
hahaha. That sounds like lyrics for a song.
God favours the brave and the drunken sailor too
You will witness magic
the minute you
have faith
in yourself
so busy yourself
be with the word
for the word is
with you
so write......
good good
I am writing this blog, I don't know how but I AM...
And I will support you all the way.
After all that is my insane job!
So what are you going to write on East Africa's Literature and Art?
Nothing, for I have been told about nothing so nothing will be written
again today
Your mind is blank?
I don't think so. It's just jammed becoz of too much info and stuff flowing in your basement....
Maybe I should show you how
I think it should work...
How it can be done
for free
and you then have the power
of the word
and you too can be fed
by the world

I am beginning to understand
once more...

Thank you for praying and saying so little..
Bless you and all who are like you.

Yeah? You are welcome!

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