Friday, 4 June 2010

Pedestal People

Put me on a pedestal, raise me up as high as Admiral Nelson.
Put me on a pedestal. Let me have a word in Nelson's shell-like.
Put me on a pedestal. Let me whisper in the ear of the Admiral. The Victory is ours. Put me on pedestal and raise me to the sky.
Put me on a pedestal.

Let us look down at our Victory Ship. Our message in a bottle.
A Member of the Empire created this ship. A decent member of the Commonwealth has had his day. This Black British: Englishman of Nigerian decent: This Nigerian/British living in the United Kingdom......

This Englishman. This Artist has spoken. Put Yinka on a pedestal and raise him to the heights.

The Voodoo Flags are flying in the Victory Ship today.
Put us on a pedestal. Raise us as high as high can be.
Put us on a pedestal. Put us on the map.

Yinka put me on a pedestal when I was on Facebook; "Too-Busy To-Work" and he told me to do this as an art piece. He put me on a pedestal so put him on pedestal. He is a 'Pedestal Person' like you, like me!

He sails in and sails out like a tidal wave. Put him on a pedestal...our Sail Out King. Put him on a pedestal. I too want to be a Sail Out, just like our King.

Every aspect of this work is so considered. Too considered. Too commercial. Do you think Disney could have done better? Hardly. This is the Creation of the Yinka; our Sail Out King.

Sail In: Sail Out.
Hail to the Yinka. Our Sail Out King!!
Long Live the Yinka. Long Live Our King!!

Slavery. Injustice. Social Inequality. It is done and dusted now.

Never to make us think any more. Ever never ever about such things or times...again!


Joe Pollitt, 2010

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Unseen Art Scene said...

This work interests me enormously. Partly because of the man who created it. Yinka Shonibare. Here we have a great soul on earth and he seems so oblivious to what he represents. The work he has created is full of good intent but the road to hell is full of good intent.

To try and tackle the subject of Slavery, Injustice is a weighty one and one we all try to abide by. This work is too clever, too precise, too perfect. It seems to be devoid of humanity. It is plastic and seems to represent the lazy world thinking of today. People will travel to see this work as if they were seeing the London Eye. Of course many will be thrilled at the cleverness but not see the whole picture.

I see Yinka in the same way I see Bono. The answers do not lie in the money we throw at them. So Aids will not go away if we give the world a pill. Slavery will not go away if we constantly inadvertently and insensitively talk about it. These are the scars on earth. We must wear these scars rather than try and have them removed.