Monday, 21 June 2010

Opera | The Rebellion

Let us look at Opera as a form of rebellion as the tartan kilt was used by the Massai in Kenya and rebel ethnic groups in southern parts of South Africa in opposition to British/English occupation.

Opera is all about the voice. The loudest voice ever. The Opera is sung in languages unfamiliar to the audiences listening and subtitles are given alongside the show in order to inform the listening what is being said and performed. Write Operas in your local languages, your tribal voices, your ethnic group tones.

Nigeria would be a classic place to start as it has numerous States and far too few are properly represented as the major 4 ethnic groups take the lion's share. It would be marvellous if the Buseni Tribe (Biseni) of Ijaw State, Nigeria were to write an Opera for Nigeria's 50th Birthday and have them perform the Opera at the Royal Opera House in London, England.

An alternative would be the Hamar or Hammere tribe in South Western Ethiopia. One of the smallest tribes in Ethiopia. It would be wonderful to write an Opera and have the Ethiopian Opera Company tour the show and premier at the familiar Milan Opera House in Italy. That would be ideal in regards to the ugly history of the past.

Our beautiful young Nigerian friend, PepperJoJo recently was awarded a 1st Degree from Birmingham University in England for her dissertation on 'HipHop in the Igbo Language' and, unbeknown to our little beauty, through her hard work she has created an academic, architectural blueprint for true rebellion to take place throughout a Continent. We applaud her efforts and wish her well in the Design & Fashion School in London. Well done PepperJoJo from this African site and all sites on Africa world wide.... XxX

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