Monday, 7 June 2010

Dreaming About Bees

Bee Dreaming

Dream about the bees!
Not the birds but the bees.
The African and Caribbean bees!

Muddles has bees up the chimney stack.
The Queen has come and is in the house.
The reality is here! Joy is in the air...

Dream about the bees!
Busy buzzing, busy being bees, buzz, buzz.
Just Dream!

Muddles African Caribbean bees are in the house:

Wise old owl is Tessa, the unpredictable genius.
The hive is forming and the soldiers working.
The Queen has arrived. The Queen is in the house.
Dream about the bees! 

Dream about the bees and their honey-cane plantation.
The honey is slowly dripping on the firebacks today.
Natural sugar for the household, for efforts made.

Dreaming the dreams of the equal insect
and the idea of the greater good.
Dreaming the dream of equality,
stupidity and the natural order of things.

We see things differently but clearly at Muddles.

The African Caribbean Dream will be realised.
Joy is in the mix and part of the messy Muddles.
The dream has been dreamt now.
All we need to do, is simply to wake UP!

JP 2010


Love to Tessa Pollitt of "The Slits": The greatest bass player and human loveliness of all time. X