Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Will I Get To Africa?

Well I cannot go to Africa as an Iceland Volcano keeps me at bay.
Here to stay on the island of England in her cold gardens
for the next 20 years, I hear.

What to say now?

Nothing Doing, Doing Nothing.

I'll tell you what we can do.
We don't do. 
We don't do nothing. 
Nothing to no-one. 
Say nothing to no-one so loudly..
say something to some-one so quietly. 
Say nothing to no-one no more.

Write as if a drum. Beats. 
The goat and human skin drum. Beats. 
Write it out like a drum...beat:

Drumbeat in the wilderness BANG! 
Drumbeat in the cities BANG! 
Drumbeat in the rivers BANG! 
Drum, drum it out of your system.


Drum it out and say nothing, for nothing can be said no more. 
The past has failed us all.
Lied such sweet lies upon more juicy lies. 
Lied all day, lied away and yesterday and today
maybe they will lie to us tomorrow again.

Joe Pollitt | 18th May 2010

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