Sunday, 16 May 2010

The Tail of the Buffalion, Part 5.... :-)

Where shall we take our story today? Maybe to bed or out for a nice hot cup of tea; one healthy lump of sugar and easy on the milk…Where shall we take our story today? Where indeed…we are stuck in a Buffalion. Stuck in a giant Buffalion peering out behind her left eye and seeing a rather strange world so clearly. We have oxygen to breathe from her lungs, we have the power of sight from her huge majestic eyes and we have a cool breeze coming in from her lovely flat nose. We have a heart to play with and ribs to tickle. We have a liver to work with and hopefully drink with and a pair of twin kidneys to filter all our unnecessary poisons. We have two ears to hear and we are listening acutely to what is being said on the outside but on the inside things are looking stranger than ever.

The Buffalion has made her demands and her demands are as clear as mustard. She has asked us only to raw or to grunt, just like she does, if we must. Inside the belly of the beast it is forbidden to speak in English to anybody as only Buffalion is understood or spoken. We are to take classes immediately down in her guts at 12 o’clock sharp, failure to attend will result in brisk expulsion through the Tradesman's entrance.

It seems almost perverse never to speak again. Never to say nothing to no-one, no more. No more words to speak of again. Never again to speak a word to anybody anywhere, what a loss that would be to loose your language overnight. A loss of language is really beastly and I must think on this some more…..I seem to be busy writing myself out of this that will never do..must think on this again and be back in Part 6 because every story should have a point but I just can't find mine here. I'm writing a story without a point, what was the point of that? Maybe that is the point, for God sake please, will somebody point me in the right direction to make a point or have a point at all. Has anybody seen my point? Writer looking for a point to continue writing his story needing some assistance in finding a point to continue writing at all. Do I have a point or not?! :-)

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