Sunday, 16 May 2010

The Tail of the Buffalion, Part 4.... :-)

My world is crazy. Spinning out of control, too much to handle, too much to try and understand, too late mate, madness, silly billy world that I exist in. I am far from alone in my thinking here as I bet you're feeling the same way too! But let us make no sense and nonsense and make sense or some sense of what we are all trying to say. Dear Miss Communication are you reading me? Say something or say nothing...delete me or eat me. Make no sense at all. If you can make sense of nonsense then you can read on McDuff. They read you loud and clear. You think they can’t read? But they can read and they are reading: you are writing. They are watching, watching your making up a story in front of their very eyes. Wide shut yet again seeing nothing but beauty all around me. They are watching...they are watching you writing, writing the story of the century, 'The Tail of the Buffalion'. Let us see what she sees and tell our dear reader what is being seen so violently....

So we make our way to her eyes. She watches us, watching you, watching what we all watch and what we would want to watch when we want to watch it. Watch it, I am losing the plot here. So we are seeing. wWhat aAre we sSeeing Hhere? Ssomething tTotally DdDifferent? I see what she sees but dare not tell you, as the sight is so unspeakable to speak about. I saw fire, and looked for ages into the flames and in the distance I could see a school of Firebacks; rude and carefree, saying something interesting again, those Fireback fiends are great with their long-short hairs with matching coat and tails. Skipping and singing in the midnight glow of the hot Safari Desert. Look, look over there in the coldness; I see a lone Camel-Toad-Tiger fast asleep in the Boobam tree. I see Quirells and Mudpacks, green and blue Mackenzie tartan birds flying overhead. The colours are like an orchestra of sound in full bloom. The sight is almost blinding and yet I see clearer than ever before. I see purple waterfalls and the very rare pink Humpback Rhinos. I see chocolate raindrops on the horizon making their way towards us to be tasted later in the afternoon. I see coffee trees with orange fruits and tea trees with lemon groves and olive branches waving, saving us today. I see kettle fish dancing in the nearby steaming frozen volcanic lake...and a mountain like a policeman's helmet, pointing up to the sky like an enormous unbalanced left breast on a shy and retiring Nanny Goat lying on her back...I see it all so clearly now…to be continued..

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