Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Serendipity on my mind.....

Today I woke up curious.

Serendipity well what does that mean?

My mate Wiki put it like this: “propensity for making accidental fortuitous discoveries”.

Finally, this religious atheist has something to believe in.

Human equal but some are more equal than others. Equal human what a goal to go for in this South African World Cup year of 2010.

So let me write you a poem and put down my thoughts to pick myself up.


Tears running down my cheeks
and ears and eyes are not
seeing or hearing my words.

But all is OK!

It is not our time to be together.
As readers and writers we are all lost.
You are not ready to receive my words.
My words are not ready to receive your eyes.

I write some more and with my pen and
sorrow I write what is written in front of you NOW…

and I am still. Still. So very STILL…
Still writing. Writing away saying nothing but playing
with the letters and words that have become my only friends.

That is right. That is real.
Real sad!! Pity me and say you are sorry.
Give me comfort in my time of need.

That is right. That is real.
Tell me you are so sorry that you have
not read my words written as you were not ready to receive
or to read a word that I have written out so clearly.

I write some more and with my pen and
sorrow I write what is written in front of you NOW…

But all is OK!

Time belongs to you and you have been on your time, not mine.
We reach for the words in times of crisis but you have been too happy
and needed not the words that I am writing for these are words of
comfort. Words to ease you through the darkest hours and say…
"The power of the word is with you!" It has always been inside you.
Your voice is so important, so speak. Speak out. Say something too.
Worry Not! Shout it out, shout it out!
Stamp it out at the top of you voice. Stamp it OUT!

Scream the house down with the power of your voice.
Scream in the streets and tell all your thoughts as they are
so very important to you and to me too, yes me too!
I am with you and you are with me and we are now together.
And together at last we can busy ourselves.
Busy ourselves; together at last; starting at last to scream.

Scream of the unjust world we are living in. Just living in.
Scream of the lies told by others that we listened to. So seriously.
Scream of the words we have read that were unworthy of our attention.
Scream of the inequality of those without quality have forced upon us.
To believe. To believe, to believe in ourselves and our ability to be.
Let us rewrite the lies in his and her stories.

A…B….C are our new found friends and we are now controlling them.
We want to rewrite the books so badly written by liars and bruised egos.
Control freaks of every Nation bragging about sometime or other.
Stories the size of the Canyon in the States full of lies.
States of confusion, the words of the liars that you and I have read.
We are now together at last. We are together as writer and reader.
Finally, we have found each other and finally we have found ourselves.

JP | 19th May 2010