Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Justin Fiske, South Africa

Take a look at the beauty Justin Fiske has created with pebbles and string.

Art can be so powerful and the simpler the better but it's clear that Justin has taken an age to come up with his own beautiful solution: The joy of movement as he creates his Kinetic Sculptures down in Cape Town.

Check out his works:



Here is a poem Justin wrote that I like a lot:

Frame of Reference

There are days 
when water feels like cream on your lips
& others when you have to try so hard
feeling only follows blood
or chipped tooth.
& it's not just a question of money
or love,
or ....how the light falls
as if those would be easy to accept an answer from 
even if they offered
but it's in the line & the cadence & depth of the gasp;
how much slack the strings take for themselves
before life takes it up
wrenching us back into orientation 
& dragging us deeper into memory
j.f. | 2010

See how Kinetic Sculpture is being used in commercials here in the UK.

Here is an commercial for Honda entitled Cog:

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African Artists said...

This work should be seen in collaboration with the mechanics of a car. The simplicity of movement. I think these ideas are marvellous and should be shared through the medium of television in South Africa.