Monday, 12 April 2010


Here we go with another poem about Africa and how to shape the brave new world. Writing a note to this tiny village on the globe we now know as Africa. I understand that the Global Village of Africa can now be seen on Google Maps.

Capitalism, advertising and commercialism are as dangerous as a tsunami to coastal people or a bush fire to those that live in the rainforest or a blind man in the lion's den. Or a young thug with a knife at your throat. Or an infected needle being shared. 

As dangerous as a drunk driving out of control, driving into the Cities of Wal-mart or Tesco, where all the shoppers go. A bomb to the masses, bombing down to the shops fuckoffy at Starbucks. Change is on the way. HSBC told me so. No bank notes, no notes of any kind were written but we know change is-acoming. Change is on the way. 

Art Of Africa

Art of the New. 
Art with Direction.
Art of Advertising.
Art of Making Money.

Art of building a Nation. Art of persuasion.
Art with your coffee. Art with your tea. Art with your glass of wine.
Art he-chewed. Art she-choked. 
Chewed at breakfast, choked at supper-time. 
Art is being sold all-the-time.
Art that makes you sick. Art that makes you think. Art that sends ya...

Art of your mind. Art from the heart. 
Heart of Art is Park-at-the-heart Part 2.
Art of here. Art of there. Art of the blue. 

Art of this bloody World.

Sell your soul to highest bidder and smile when they write you the cheque.

© Joe King, 2010

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