Friday, 12 March 2010


World Cup South Africa | Glass Act by Lothar Bottcher.
Vuvu Africa - Hand blown Glass Vuvuzela
It is almost here, the first African showcase of the largest international football event.
Obsidian Glass has created a hand blown glass Vuvuzela for you ardent fans!
The Vuvuzela is a truly South African icon of home grown Soccer Enthusiasts. It has become the trademark of local soccer games and is renowned internationally with the amount of press this “noisy” emblem has been receiving.
Obsidian Glass would like to introduce the concept of a Hand Blown Glass Vuvuzela.
Ngwenya Glass in Swaziland has been most instrumental for the development of this glass version. Under the direction of Lothar Böttcher the glass was shaped and blown by the skilled hands of master blower, James Magagula. (This collaborative environment is encouraged by Ngwenya Glass through their annual Glass Design Workshops.)
All glass Vuvuzelas are made of 100% recycled glass.
Swaziland is one of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) members. This makes the product a truly and purely African one – developed and manufactured locally, using local skills and facilities.
Why a glass Vuvuzela? Glass is fragile yet durable. Its qualities are unique. It can be transparent or opaque. The surface can be decorated and branded. A multitude of techniques can be used to accentuate its once-off-hand-madeness . No two Vuvuzelas will be the same.
Blowing a glass Vuvuzela and hearing the sound emanate from it is an experience. The resonance of the glass gives the Vuvuzela a perfect sound.Who would have thought that glass could do this, to become an instrument gauging your excitement for your favourite team?
Combining the traditional with the unconventional an inimitable artwork is created…

Author: Lothar Bottcher


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This is wonderful work Lothar, great idea and fantastic to see the beads too. Really loving the work and will contact you soon.

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