Monday, 8 March 2010


Let us pray and hear what the world has to say today.
Let us see what's on TV and listen to what we truly need.
Let us jumble every word and make up our pristine news.

Let us create a brand new vision for our brave new world.

Nations enforce false superiority forcing us to drink.
We are gathering strength. Seeing clearly, rising slowly.
We have bestowed upon ourselves the luxury of thinking.
Witnessing how Nations inflict their vulgar Will upon us.

Nobody reads today or do they? We do and we are thinking.
Granting those deficient of Will the strength that is within us all.
The Will of the world is now armed with the power of the word.
In the beginning was the word. We now know what that means.

And the word has been asleep while our Will zealously dreaming.
We live in a Godless world but our dreams would suggest otherwise.
The Will of the world is awakening to find the word is with us.
We dreamt we overcame. We are now strong enough to conquer.

Look how giving we can be with these our enchanting words.
Written and spoken out loud. See how magnificent we are together.
These words are our artillery; our complex strength lies in our Will.
Words are our weapons and love our incessant unconquerable shield.

Look how we use our words to heal; our wounded are ascending.
The word has been written, uttered and our Will is now triumphant.
The Will of the world stands full abreast with dazzling glorious might.
Beset with evocative words we anticipate our inevitable bloody fight.

© Joe Pollitt, 2010

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