Monday, 29 March 2010

Nonja | Borneo Photographer

Name: Nonja
Title: "Companions"
Sex: Female
Age: 33 (b.1977-Present)
Country of Origin: Borneo but now lives and works in Vienna, Austria
Material: Photograph on Canvas
Signed, numbered and dated: (signed with Nonja's Fingerprint on the back) 2009

Nonja is a VIP resident at the Viennese zoo and she has been making numerous friends through Facebook |

Now, aged 33-year-old, she has decided to up-sticks and take her artistic talents to Austria and lives full-time in the centre of the Capital, Vienna.

Nonja has been greatly supported by Samsung who have assisted her with her technical problems and issues. Recently, they gave her a Samsung ST 1000 camera, which automatically uploads any photos she takes to her official Facebook page. There, fans can look at her many self-portraits, as well as photographs of her fellow orangutan companions. On Nonja's request the camera was modified so that every time she takes a photograph the camera dispenses a raisin. Whether she is more interested in portrait photography or snacks may never be known, but her fans are delighted she has such a good eye and a talent for photography. She has inspired a generation to do more and be more.









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