Monday, 18 May 2009

Tribal Gathering | London

Tribal Gathering in Notting Hill, London

Moderism in Tribal Forms

This long awaited respectful approach to Africa shows a real shift in the thinking about the works being produced on the Continent. The unspoken and unknown handicap for Africa is that the work being produced is no more than for decoration and practical purposes whereas we in the West like to define and redefine, pigeon-hole and classify for purposes unknown. That being said, Tribal Gathering has presented wonderfully imaginative works and given then a name and hopefully, finally a place in the International Art Arena.

Here is a slideshow that will make you see things created in Africa in a refreshingly new light - many thanks to Tribal Gathering for leading the way. This is a great path of consciousness.

For more information about Tribal Gathering in London go to the website

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