Saturday, 11 April 2009

It's Never Too Late To Become A Man by Joe Pollitt

It's Never Too Late To Become A Man

Easter Sunday | 12th April - 18th April

Curator | Joe Pollitt

Private View: Wednesday, 15th April. 6.00pm - 9.30pm.

This Exhibition is essentially a personal look at contemporary African art that has inspired and influenced my own work.

The intention of the show is to briefly outline the wonders I have seen on and off the Continent: initially, looking at three very different West African artists: Charly D’Almeida; George 'Afedzi' Hughes and Suzanne Ouedraogo.

From East Africa I have integrated clay from the source of the Nile with a few pieces of ceramics from Bruno Sserunkuuma and Dr. Philip Kwesiga; a Spring Stone Sculptor, Colleen Madamombe from Zimbabwe; and a Glass Artist, Lothar Botcher from South Africa.

The Centre Pieces are, “It's Never Too Late To Become A Man - I and II” by Norman O’Flynn, which are two large canvases exploring the ambitious vision of a South African Renaissance.

Most recently, I have been captivated by the works of Mona, a contemporary artist working in Paris but originally from Tunisia. Her abstract artworks are cultivated around the use of water; also I have been amazed at the natural marvel of the “Sahara Rose”.

Also included in the show is Video Art by: Kisito, Miguel Petchovsky and IngridMwangiRobertHutter.

All these works presented have had a dramatic impact on my visual and mental language. In the final part of the Exhibition the focus is on my digestion and interpretation of this new visual landscape, which I have observed. Playing with memory, past and present my work portrays iconic sports heroes, interwoven with images of known and unknown artworks from Africans world wide. Rather than seeing Africa as exotic, I would like to emulate similar approaches to art as my contemporary African counterparts.

The final two pieces are of Tiger Woods and Barack Obama, illustrating the importance of sport, sporting heroes and the natural order of all things. Tiger Woods is made up of caterpillars and butterflies, which depicts the metaphoric global social change that has happened over the past 5 decades – only through the successes of individuals such as Mohammed Ali, Pele, Carl Lewis, Venus Williams and Tiger Woods and all those they represent has it been possible for the phenomenon of Barack Obama becoming the Leader of the Free World.

Been busy of late but I hope to see you there..

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