Sunday, 5 April 2009


The Sale of artworks from Contemporary Africa...

I have already written a piece about this sale entitled: Gold Digger by George Afedzi Hughes.

Here is the online catalogue for you to browse through:

Creating An African Art Collection:

So to business people:

My advice for those interested is:

What to Buy?

Lot 34:

Willie Bester | South Africa (A wonderful example of his work. You could sell this back to South Africa for twice or even three times the valuation. A Must Buy - Buy to Sell!!)

Lot 55:
El Anatsui | Ghana/Nigeria (Made in the first African Workshop ONDAMBO, 1997 - need I say more........It Is A Keeper!!)

Lot 58:
Getahun Assefa | Ethiopia / (Wonderful example of Assefa's work - Araba 4 - This Is A Real Keeper!!)

Lot 65: Zenzele Chulu | Zambia (Work by one of Zambia's greatest contemporary artists. Totally Undervalued - A Must Buy - Buy to Sell!!)

Lot 72: Jorge Manuel de Oliveira Dias | Mozambique (More for a Museum than an individual but this is a rich undervalued piece of Contemporary African Art - buy if you are a Museum or Olivier Sultan - A Real Keeper!!).

Lot 73: Colleen Madamombe | Zimbabwe (Wonderful work in heavy Spring Stone made by a female sculptor. That is the change in Zimbabwe. It is that women can now carve Spring Stone - totally undervalued and could be sold for three times the price in Paris - A Must Buy - Buy to Sell!!).

Lot 74: Sandile Zulu | South Africa (One of my personal favourites. I saw this piece exhibited at the October Gallery, London for £11,000 - A Real Keeper!!)

Lot 79: Kisito Assangni | Togo (This important Togolese artist has many rich Collectors around the world, especially in Paris. This work is undervalued and would make twice or three times the valuation in Paris - A Must Buy - Buy to Sell!!)

Lot 91:
Julien Sinzogan | Benin, The Republic of..(this is the Egun (Voodoo Spirits) uniform put up as sails on the slave ships - A Real Keeper!!)

Lot 93: George Afedzi Hughes | Ghana - No Collection of Contemporary African Art is complete without a Kwesi Afedzi. Totally undervalued and this is one of the his most daring works. If you buy this work...make it available!! A Must Buy to Keep!!)

Enjoy the Auction...

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