Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Kisito Assangni | Togo/France/England

Kisito is one of the best artist from the Republic of Togo. Born in 1975 in Lome, the Capital of Togo, he now lives and works between Paris, London and Lome. Presently, he is staying in London and learning to speak better English and is working with various artists in studios across London. Take a look at his brilliant works.

Here is some of his early works created from 2003 to 2006.

Here is some work Kisito created in 2006.

Title: Lines 1 - 6

Here is a body of his work created in 2007.

ASPECT 1 to 12

Material: Acrylic on Wallpaper.

Here is some work created this year.

ATTITUDE 1 to 12

Material: Acrylic on Wallpaper

Find out more about this artist on his website:


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