Monday, 28 January 2008

MySpace | African Fashion | Designer of the Year 2007

Oumou has been an inspiration for thousands and her works are bold and ambitious. Please note a lot of the images you see in this slideshow were taken by the photographer Thomas Dorn.

MySpace | African Fashion

DESIGNER OF THE YEAR 2007 | Oumou Sy from Senegal

MySpace | African Fashion is celebrating the amazing fashion designs by Oumou Sy from Dakar, Senegal.

Oumou Sy's work combines Western chic and contemporary African avant-garde and she is known as Senegal's Queen of Couture and it's easy to see why.

Her contribution to African fashion has been and continues to be immense. She is the founder of the annual Dakar Carnival and the International Fashion Week.

Her work is ambitious and bold and she truely deserves the title of Designer of the Year 2007.

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