Thursday, 14 September 2017

I'M DONE by Joe Pollitt

A Discussion with the Ladies of Art in Holland.

RaQuel van Haver
RaQuel van Haver starts by announcing she is DONE!
"Ok I'm done:
We artists do need to pay a lot for our materials, transport , time etc.. a lot..
( most of the time upfront )
Why do people still expect that all we do is all for free..
That it's OK to not pay us all of the sudden or just wait for 5 months..
We do get in trouble , trying to fix things in impossible ways.
So many artist do "suffer "from this.
It's not normal ..
We do need to stand up to this.
I'm done!"
RaQuel van Haver

Then comes the untrained potty mouth POLLITT. 

 Joe Pollitt Declares: Furious, I have been forced to sell my Originals on Ebay. Artists have NO FUCKING PENSION and the RENT IS DUE! Still to pay my water rates, electricity and gas...reason for photo to be so shit...shot under candlelight.

My mate's dog is fed twice a day, is taken out for three walks by dog walkers, he even has health insurance, sleeps on a sofa next a 40"  TV Screen with the remote, paw-friendly and what do I get...A slap in the face for thinking I was an International Artist. Furious. Absolutely Fucked Off! I blame the FRENCH...but then again, I blame them for everything.

Conny Schoor

Conny types: "Is dat niet het verhaal van iedereen die als zelfstandige ondernemer werkt? In ieder geval de late betalingen......"

Translation: "Isn't that the story of everyone who works as a self-Employed Entrepreneur? At least the late payments......"

Joe Pollitt Replies: "Love your answer Conny but NO.  An Artist is born and those in authority know this. They know that the Artist will Art all their life. This is the true nature of an Artist. The Artist creates regardless and therefore all great Artists are exploited because those in Power know this fact. The one thing an Artist is NOT is an Entrepreneur. They are VERY DIFFERENT BEASTS. Polar opposite in fact. There are MONEY PEOPLE and there are ARTISTS. Damien Hirst is a moneyman and always has been. To think otherwise degrades the value of Art. Hirst has shown the world, with the right determination and forging the right friendships, Art can be manipulated and molded like a lump of clay. Hirst first choice of megalomaniac, Charles Saatchi, could not have been any wiser. An arrogant man with a respectable sense of self-loathing, coupled with vast wealth, influence and power…Perfect."

Cesi Denise Nolten types: "Sad but true.. so don't start before u have them sign a contract and have u pay 50% upfront. And they sign for paying u 50%. In two weeks after delivery. (Algemene voorwaarden) after some hard lessons u will have to do it this way.. if they respect u.. they will agree to sign. Ps --only in holland-- they are this lazy in paying.. with no law to protect us as a freelancer.. we should get together as artists here to see if we can do something about it right? So let me know if ur up to something.. im in!"

Cesi Denise Nolten

Pollitt sends her a backhand to the bassline with:
"Artists should expect not to get paid. They live in chaos, disorder and therefore need "Management", people to write proposals and understand that specific narrative. They need Publishers, PR and the Best Critics and Curators on their side. Language is a form of censorship here in the UK, if you can't understand the process, which is virtually impossible to comprehend unless you've been taught it you are setting yourself up for failure. It is a little like, Social Workers speak, it is only understood by those in the know. So it becomes political, where you went to Art College, which Framer you use, where in the World do you holiday? The importance of where you have drinks and meals out, which Clubs as you a Member of. In the end the Art World is one to avoid. Great Artists hate it, as do I.

What is happening is that the World is turning the Artist into a Tradesman/women. It is all Cobblers. Craft is not Art. The two are different but since the rise of the Hirst and others, Artists are now expected to support a team of 10 to 20 craftsmen and women and build a Production that can then be sold to the Museums, like the making of a Movie. But is it Art? Art has become Advertising, Commercial. A huge adult slide down the side of a building, a giant inflatable butt plug, a tent with all the men's names on display that the artist allowed to fuck her and abuse her? IS THAT A WORLD ANYBODY WANTS TO BELONG TO....."

Cesi Denise Nolten

Then as a final curtain call this:

"Well Raquel, Conny and Cesi; Art Ladies of Holland, you have certainly got me thinking again and writing, which is lovely. What it boils down to is money. The cream does not rise to the top. If the cream is poor it is highly likely it will curdle.  The main questions are: can you stay in the Game long enough so that you don't sink and die? Can you afford to go to the right Colleges, do the right Courses, invest in the right restaurants, Clubs, pubs and what not. This is even before you have put pen to paper. Art has become a Cottage Industry, the making of Factory Art. This is such a juicy subject to tap into but may leave the readers feeling lost and empty. Personally, my escape has always been Africa. To me, Africa means life in all it's glory. There is no word for Art there, everything is Art, so I have spent my time boring people with Africa. Little did they understand that Africa is Art and Art is Africa, because the world is asleep and most are far too busy to think straight. The masses would rather be told. You see Ladies, the majority like to be beaten, herded into pens and be among their familiars, in order to keep on bleating."

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