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Alex da Silva | Distant Shores

Artist | Alex da Silva in his studio

Alex da Silva 

In 1999, Alex attended the William de Kooning Academy of Art and architecture in Rotterdam and here he established himself as one of the best artistic practitioners in his class.  In his early years the work he produced was more about the exploration of techniques, styles and discovering new mediums to play with. In his third year Alex graduated as"Cum Laude" and this boost of recognition and financial security enabled Alex to build on his environment outside of Africa. After graduating his work changed and grew dramatically as he started to venture into various subject matters that interested him; that of addiction, sexual fancy and the darker side of the human condition. His works became poetic and similar to works of macabre theatre, exploring the underbelly of society through mixed media and paint on canvas.  It is only really now that his work has found a courage and a conviction that was so unsure beforehand.

“The Clave”  a monument Alex created for the city of Rotterdam about Slavery secures his place as one of the great artists of our generation and this accolade has enable the artist to grow in confident and now at the height of his career he is willing to push boundaries as never before. Now in his forties his works have found real maturity and these years will certainly be his most valuable as they will set him aside for the pack and define him as a true International artist of now.

Distant Shores

The show is really a coming of age of this artist as he builds on the success of his magnificent Civic sculptural work about Slavery,“The Clave”, in one of the most significant ports in Europe, Rotterdam; Alex is now back to where he feels most comfortable, painting and creating his demons, back to the indigenous, earthbound creatures of the islands where the most important export is poetry. These islands are part of an archipelago of 10 volcanic islands in the central Atlantic Ocean, better known by some as Nomansland; that space between Brazil, America, Europe and Africa, the islands of the hybrid, where all the world has passed and left their seeds, which now make up the diversity that surrounds Cape Verde and Alex at his most creative. This show is certainly Alex da Silva at his best but there is certainly far more to come.

Author: Joe Politt


Alex da Silva

1999 年,Alex 出席 William de Kooning 學院的藝術與建築的鹿特丹和這裡他確立了自己作為一個最好的藝術從業者在他的課。 他早年創作的主要作品是更多關於技術、 樣式和發現新介質,用來玩的探索。在他的第三年 Alex 畢業作為"優等",這刺激的識別與金融安全啟用 Alex 在他非洲以外地區的環境基礎上再接再厲。畢業後他的工作改變和急劇的增長,他開始涉足各種他; 感興趣的主題事項那的成癮、 性幻想和人類社會的陰暗的一面。他的作品成為了詩意和類似的令人毛骨悚然的劇院,探索社會通過混合媒介和油漆的肋在畫布上的作品。 它是唯一真正現在又發現他的工作有一種勇氣和事前並不那麼確定的信念。

" 磐石"Alex 創建為關於奴隸制的鹿特丹市的一座紀念碑保護他的地方,正是我們這一代和獲此殊榮的偉大的演出者之一已使這位演出者,在自信中成長,現在在他職業生涯的巔 峰他願推邊界之前從來沒有過而安全。現在在他四十年代他的作品已經找到真正的成熟,這些年肯定會是他最有價值作為他們將設置他的包放在一邊,將他定義為一 個真正的國際演出者,現在。


秀 真是時代的這位演出者的到來,隨著他的成功基礎上的宏偉公民雕塑作品關於奴隸制,"輸液",在歐洲,鹿特丹; 最重要的港口之一Alex 也恢復到了他認為最舒適的繪畫和創造他的惡魔,回到群島最重要的出口在哪裡詩歌的土著,地面上的生物。這些島嶼是一部分的 10 火山群島在大西洋中部,更好地瞭解被一些人視為荒原;巴西、 美國、 歐洲和非洲,混合動力車,這些島嶼之間的空間裡,整個世界都已通過和離開他們的種子,現在彌補圍繞維德角和 Alex 在他最有創意的多樣性。這個節目肯定是 Alex da Silva 在他最好的但還有當然遠更多來。

作者 ︰ Joe Politt

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