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Forbidden Medicine by Ellen Brown

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This is the true story of a man who cured himself of a near-fatal cancer after conventional medicine had mutilated and then abandoned him. He spent the next thirty years helping others with the disease. In the struggle to keep his clinic open, he faced raids and robberies, a near-fatal beating, a kidnapping, and a prison sentence many called justice gone wrong. The details of his therapies, and the history and vicissitudes of the non-traditional health care movement that his life personifies, are woven throughout his story. While politicians debate how to impose Modern Medicine on us all, this story needs to be retold.


Jimmy Keller has helped hundreds of people, a truly great and compassionate human being who has been persecuted, beaten near death and attacked for 20 some years because he healed cancer naturally. What an incredible irony. Millions of Americans have died from cancer in the last 20 years, yet here we have a man who can put about 90% of people (who have not been treated with chemotherapy/radiation) into lengthy remission using natural non-toxic therapies, but he is attacked and imprisoned for saving lives. Why? -- Gavin Phillips, Highly Recommended Books,

Keller's story highlights the sharp divide between orthodox and alternative/holistic approaches. Five stars. -- Cancer Monthly, Best Picks, 2005

The need for alternative viewpoints and a broader spectrum of analysis is widely needed, and is fulfilled in Forbidden Medicine. At a stage in the evolution of mankind in which we need to pool all efforts towards a better understanding of the healing process, Ellen Brown's writings prove to be a valuable contribution. -- Carlos Warter, M.D., Ph.D., author of "Recovery of the Sacred," "The Soul Remembers," "Who Do You Think You Are."

The story of Jimmy Keller, a purveyor of formulas said to cure cancer, and a purported "quack," is a story every American should know, and every cancer patient should take to heart. The cancer statistics speak for themselves -- "the war on cancer" is a travesty. -- Irene Alleger, Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, August 2001

About the Author

Ellen Brown developed her research skills as a litigating attorney in Los Angeles. She is the author of 11 books, including the bestselling "Nature's Pharmacy" co-authored with Dr. Lynne Walker. Her latest book is "Web of Debt" (2007, 2008), on the Federal Reserve and the money system.

Customer Review

It always struck me as odd that one of the so called "cures" or inhibitors of cancer was poison (chemotherapy). Why would you want to poison your body in order to get healthier? "Forbidden Medicine" confirmed my suspicions and put me on to a more logical path. Jimmy Keller, while not a medical doctor, appears to be gifted in not only detecting cancers, but in eliminating some and putting others into remission. His use of Tumorex to shrink tumors has been an effective natural medicine and is a non-toxic cancer treatment. After reading "Forbidden Medicine" and given the decision of traditional over non-traditional and non-toxic therapies, there is no doubt in my mind that I would choose the latter. Read the testimonials alone, at the end of the book, and you decide for yourself.

It is a travesty of justice that Jimmy Keller is in jail, while many could be benefiting from his knowledge and the positive results of his treatment. Ellen Hodgson Brown, lawyer and author, has brought to light the injustice of Keller's sentence and has revealed the more sordid side of the pharmaceutical companies and the American Medical Association's attempts to block alternative medicines to treat cancer.

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