Monday, 22 December 2014


I want to look into this subject. One in which all are talking. Congo. The failure of Africa. This to me highlights the greatest success of Capitalism and Democracy. The Leaders and Warlords need our greed to play out their corruption and it is so easy to buy off the few and care less for the masses. 5.4 million people dead since 1998. 15 years and a population half the size of London has died. Who is to speak for the lesser beings of Africa? Save the Congolese.

The Rights of Man. What I am trying to do here..and it may seem rather obvious but I want the world to see the black man as human. Not an animal or a slave but as an equal. With a family. With hopes and dreams. Just like you and me. Imagine for one second that these men where your Fathers, brothers, friends. Would you accept their lot in life? Would you be pleased for how they turned out? These are the people that will never know what it means to have a Thanks Giving.

And the BBC cares so much about the workers in Apple China. Who cares about them. They are still alive and getting paid. They are fine. Not worthy of comment. This is the true reality of Apple, Microsoft, Nokia and the technology industry which should be under the microscope. This is the plague of our today.

The point is made so clear. "If I wasn't doing this somebody else would. I am not here to be some kind of moral saviour." No he is not but he should be punished for his greed. I think back to Patrice Lumumba and think what on earth would he be thinking of this kind of rotten human behaviour by his fellow countrymen?

Economists around the world. What if we were to put the price of Tin Ore up 5 times but on the assurance that the workers of the mines are given decent working conditions, build communities to house their families, with good sanitation and plenty of open spaces. To insist that all must be fed three times a day would that change anything? I really don't know what I am looking at here. Is it poverty, corruption, slavery, misery, starvation, violence, poor management or just simply murder?

It is confusing to know just what the United Nations Peace Keepers do? They stand around and advocate this level of corruption, it is astonishing. What useless bastards they all are. They, knowingly allow this filthy behaviour to exist, as the Multinationals are so happy to oversee slave labour and benefit from afar. To all those shareholders cluching their tech stocks and winning by the day I ask you, have you a conscience? Who really suffers for your spoilt kids private education? For that extra Land Rover "Disco Wheels"; who is the one doing all the work? You are devils and those that will see our world end. All respectibility has died.

We know what is happening yet we do nothing. Who are the guilty parties? We, as witnesses are inside this guilt that allows our fellow man to live under these barbaric conditions. All those with a toaster or a mobile/cell phone are to be under the spotlight. Are we to allow this kind of life for anybody on earth? If so, we must just turn our eyes away and say that is the luck of geography. That is how the Congolese work and we will work within these parameters and careless about morality and decency. Today is the day we lost our compassion and so we must ignore our fellow man and smile as we switch on our beautiful computers.

Author: Joe Pollitt 2014

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