Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Wave Goodbye

Address | to the Kingdom

Your Majesty, Your Lordships and Ladyships and Your Lucky-bugger-ships.  My Right Honourable and Less Honourable, My Commmon Woman and My Common Man

I have a Dream.........And now I am awake.

Give us back our hearts. We’re finding life too hard without them. What about our dignity, our self-respect and our precious care for our fellow-men-and-women.

What does pity mean to you....anything other than a weakness?

You have crushed all that we have upheld to be decent. You are by-far the most dishonourable, dishonest and disgusting people on this earth. You hold positions of power yet you are not worthy of our spit, on your highly polished black shoes. You have forsaken all of us.

We know now what it takes to run the world and the price is far too high. You have sold our humanity merely to ensure the safety of your assets.

Now we ask you to leave. Not through the front door but quietly out the back. Don't even think to pinch a single thing in making your disgraceful exits. You have no shame. You have no love. You have nothing for us now. You are as empty as the Bank of England. You have brought such ugliness to our shores, the like of which has yet been recorded. Through your lack of compassion and lives lived without conscience you have sentenced us all to lives of misery and shame. The weight of what you have done here and now in your lifetimes will be felt for generations and generations to come.

From your greed and lust for power you must vanish, disappear never to return. Your time is now ticking down and soon it will be over.  Nobody here on planet earth will house you even if you asked. You are to be the unwanted, the discarded; the filth that sort to take down our Kingdom. You will become one of those that live without shelter and you will learn what it is like to place your lips around a diseased cup. To be so thirsty that you would rather put your parched tongue on poisonous waters than die of dehydration

You deserve no more respect, no more privilege, no more favours from the public. You have broken every rule and everything that we hold dear, you are no longer in charge of anyone or anything. We wave you good bye with our Union Jack.

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