Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Thanks Giving to all those Forgetful Americans.

I saw a MTV video on how well the Native Americans are doing in their lands and it made me sad. If you are American be very ashamed. These suicides must stop, this alienation must be addressed and the Money can not always be the main factor in our decision-making process. People are far more important than any resources. Money must come secondary always. Greed is too fast to kill and is the ultimate enemy of the world. Human life is paramount. The most value resource that lies on our planet is the human life. It is precious everywhere. Happy Thanks Giving to all X.

Here is the MTV Video

The highly anticipated untold story about America begins.

I don't want people to think one way is the only way. We are all important in our world. The way we think differently makes us stronger but one rule fits all is nonsense. However you are, however you think, be forever yourself. You are vital to the development of our wider World.

The Greatest Speech Ever by Russell Means:

In response to both, I read my thoughs out like this...

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