Tuesday, 19 June 2012

South African Beauty Queen | Senzeni Mthwakazi Marasela

South African Beauty Queen | Senzeni Mthwakazi Marasela

Beauty Seen

We are searching for a rhythm,
that will do justice to this work.
South Africa has a Beauty Queen.

Eyes blink open. Eyes wide shut.
Eyes forward, eyes on-the-prize.
All lies open and shutting your eyes.

Are we seeing what beauty is yet?
Senzeni seen, Senzeni Scene.
See Senzeni and Senzeni is seen.

Beauty has a name this day, Senzeni.
Our Queen, has an open face to talk.
In the quiet, closed black world of Dolls.

So ask again, what is Beauty seen?
Eyes shut so tight, fight for the right
to be seen in the Scene. Bright Light.

Senzeni is softly breaking into the Art
seen. Making her debut inner heart-beat,
beating and rattling, rite up to the top.

The voice of reason, seems frightened,
fearful she may fail, in the seen and 
never seen, World of Guys and Dolls.

Drum her a beat, that makes some
kind of sense to steady her might.
Showing all that is clean and unseen.

Size Zero, up to our necks in legs.
Tits and arse and comments left.
Charcoal Dolls; wiping eyes; weep.

Beauty Seen. Senzeni's Scene. See
The snakes are hissing at the Bibles.
Spyballs. Eye-balls. Works never seen.

Those never willing, to see the obvious.
To see the Beauty that is Senzeni.
New works of Art by Senzeni seen.

by Joe Pollitt, 2012

South African Beauty Queen | Senzeni Mthwakazi Marasela

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