Saturday, 15 January 2011

Tunisia is Free | Happy Days

Bye, Bye Ben Ali! Bye, Bye Ben Ali! Byebye.

Happy Days | The country is free to Create so let us Celebrate!

Tunisia was the jewel of the Roman Empire; it is rich in so many resources combined with a high level of literacy. It has a strong income from tourism, oil and olives, wine etc.. Here is a country, if managed correctly, could easily have a far higher standard of living than France. I watched this morning's BBC News with disappointment, not with Tunisia but more with the BBC. They broadcasted such negative information coming out about Tunis and personally, I think this is an irresponsible use of media. The initial damage caused in the Capital, Tunis is no worse than that caused after the Student riots in London, a few week ago and the reporting on those events were all censored and twisted towards the benefit of the Police. The violence has escalated and hopefully there will be a minimum of casualties and deaths. It seems more and more the BBC is taking a far right political position on recording the news. Far from being impartial, the great British press are media fascists - devoid of any integrity at all. The bosses at Shepherd Bush are wielding their established position so irresponsibly that it makes a mockery of modern day journalism. The situation in the country is extremely delicate and the process towards true democracy must be allowed to take it's natural course and most importantly, on Tunisian terms.

Those at the BBC are doing exactly the same with international affairs. What is becoming apparent is that whilst reporting the worldwide news there is an increasingly obvious agenda and those behind the reporting should be held accountable. It is unacceptable that the BBC should be so biased against the Arabic world and constantly focus global attention on the pockets of burnt out cars and shops. This imagery is emotive and sadly, blinkered news, which is dangerously being broadcasted throughout the world. This makes for poor reporting and terribly unprofessional journalism. All is very sensational for the viewers but hardly tells the whole story. The BBC should focus on the country's delight in forging free and fare elections for the first time since Independence. The Tunisians can now choose their leaders rather than have them selected by outside influences. These are exciting times and should be reported as such.

What is not being explained on the BBC is that the country is so incredibly angry. Angry with businessmen and women who have clearly used their connections with the Dictator to profiteer, whilst the majority have suffered under his tyrannical rule. It is understandable that things will be out of hand in the short term as there are bound to be backlashes to a Dictator leaving power. This important news should be reported by an English speaking Tunisian; anything else is useless. I have great faith that the country will quickly find it's feet and I am ashamed of Western Media and their infantile news reporting. This kind of news is dangerous for everybody and is twisted to suit a political agenda in Europe and America. We need to keep our eyes wide open in order to see the full picture as these are monumental events occurring in Arabic Africa and should be covered with a sense of responsibility. The BBC's distorted view of Tunisia could easily create International intervention. This should be seen by unacceptable for Tunisia and avoid a peacekeeping task-force invading the country. Tunisia is a country so strategically placed in the world, it has yet to reap the benefits of it's location and it numerous resources. The future of the country looks brighter than ever and if managed well could be a wonderful example for the rest of North Africa and beyond.

Congratulations and celebrations to all those in Tunisia.

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