Sunday, 10 October 2010

Quakers funded by Child Labour of West Africa

Stacey Dooley looks into the child labour issue surrounding the cocoa industry in the Ivory Coast. These are the main countries where Cadbury's, Rowntree and Hershey's source their cocoa from. The striking thing about this documentary is that it seems to have unknowingly, open up a can of worms. Numerous uncomfortable questions should be raised to Cadbury's and all the other chocolate companies. Maybe we should look elsewhere and more at those who are behind the Chocolate Companies: the Quaker Movement. The issues of child abuses and exploitation should really fall on the table of the Quaker Movement Worldwide, which has been largely funded for generations by chocolate money. Joseph Rowntree, John Cadbury and Milton Hershey are all Quakers, so in effect, this religious movement has all but solely been funded by money from child labour of West Africa. What is more concering is that the other famous groups, whose Founders are known Quakers have turned a blind-eye to these rather clear human rights abuses. Organisations such as Amnesty International, Oxfam and Greenpeace. Why have they failed to mention these rather obvious violations of human rights and child abuses that have continually occurred within this region of Africa; an area within the world that Amnesty, Greenpeace and Oxfam have direct interest in? The question I ask myself is, does Africa really need these Organisations or do these Organisations need Africa and has Charity become the new Chocolate?

Please take a look at this remarkable documentary with the wonderful, Stacey Dooley, all about the Cocoa Industry in West Africa, which has inadvertently kicked up a hornet's nest..

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African Artists said...

The solution would be to create Quaker Schools throughout West Africa for children to attend.