Monday, 28 June 2010

Words of the Artist | Momodou Ceesay

Here is the radical book by Momodou Ceesay. A story about an artist struggling with the world and wanting to have an audience with God. 

Far from being a religious book this is a radical look at the way in which leaders of the world are busy turning their eyes to the truth.

Here is an artist from the Gambia, who trained in the States and speaks perfect French from the Sorbonne in Paris. He is a man now in his sixties and who has so much knowledge and life experience within his being. His voice is clear and forceful. His words from the book have been spoken at Action Aid meetings and follow a clear message of human rights and human betrayals. Here is a voice of reason and echoes the thoughts and issues of our troubled world of today.

This is a book to be read and houses 36 prints by the artist. 

Here is the link:

* N.B. The price has just jumped up from £9.99 to over £20....Amazon is not the best place to buy this book. I think Momodou should have a few book launches and sell the book directly.

What is exciting about this book and it's illustrations is that it comes from an intelligent African man, who speaks the language of the masses. Momodou speaks out for all the Africans on the Continent in a language that we can all understand. 

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